Blast Premier Spring Showdown Europe Picks, Predictions, Odds, April 27


It’s knockouts time at the Blast Premier Spring Showdown Europe 2022, and eight sides will battle it out in a best-of-three format starting with the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

Last year’s finalist – G2Esports and Gambit- will not be visible this year. However, it is clear that there are eight strong teams who are deserving of this prize pool.

The total prize pool for the tournament is USD 67,500 and the tournament will run from April 27 to May 1. The biggest incentive here is a slot at the Blast Premier Spring Final 2022, which will be awarded to the side that comes through first. There are also tier-1 European outfits who will be fighting at the big lanes.

It will be exciting, captivating, compelling, thrilling, riveting, and all the other things that make it so great.

ENCE vs Copenhagen Flames Pick


ENCE vs Copenhagen Flames Prediction

Flames – Improving All the Time

First up, we’ve got a super close contest that could be hard to pick. Because this clash is of equals, the odds are very close. These two teams are strong and have impressive track records. They will be aiming to secure a semi-final spot.

Both sides are experienced in Pistol’s rounds, so they can turn the tables. The money would be mine. Although ENCE appear to be marginal favourites on paper, that does not mean Flames should be considered the underdogs.

Three days ago, Flames received a major shot in the arm when they caused a massive upset by beating Ninjas in Pyjamas to qualify for the PGL Major Antwerp 2022. They were dismissed before even the match, which was a sporting upset. Their character was displayed by their ability to overcome all odds and win against an eminent side.

This upset was also why the Flames were awarded a Legends slot at the next major. They will be able to skip the Challengers section of the competition. They will now join Heroic and BIG, FURIA, FURIAEsports, the all-dominating FaZe Clans, Natus Vincere, Players, and all other Legends status holders. That Flames have been accorded Legends status despite not being in the top 10 of the HLTV Rankings goes to show how much of an improvement they have made along the way.

It was this year, that the Flames rose to prominence thanks to their performances at last year’s Intel Extreme Masters. They then exceeded all expectations, but fell to NiP in the final playoffs.

They have been through some inconsistency, roster changes and uncertainty but this phase appears to be over. You should be on the lookout for them.

ENCE: Form Team that Beat Top Sides

ENCE is in the best shape of their lives. Winning the vice championship of the ESL Pro League season 15 has been a massive confidence booster.

The fact that they beat some of the best teams around the globe and now have a shot at the Majors is a huge boost to their confidence. They are not in the Legends stage, but they have three wins and one loss.

A loss to Ninjas In Pajamas by two maps to one in the third-place playoff is a setback. However, it’s up to them to show that this was an exception. This promises to be an exciting clash of substance and style. Both teams will play with an open mind.

Heroic vs NKT Pick


Heroic vs NKT Predictions

Heroic made a brave run to the semi-finals of the Blast Premier Europe 2021, before going down fighting against runners-up Gambit by a 2-1 margin. They have reacted brilliantly after having missed out on the title-winning chance.

With more confidence and better preparations, NKT will challenge them in the quarterfinals. It is clear who the favorite ate: Heroic leads in every parameter. However, it’s just a matter of how they can get to the finish line.

Heroic had the luck of the green. They couldn’t ask for a better opponent. You’d be hard-pressed to find a way for NKT to give Heroic any kind of a challenge in this match. It’s a very close match.

Currently fifth in the HLTV rankings, the Heroic turning of a corner from 2020 puts them in a fantastic position to make a spirited run. They’ve been on a roll ever since winning the ESL Cologne Europe 2020. Then they were toppers at the ESL Pro League-13, finished fourth at the Blast Premier Fall Final last year in Copenhagen.

They finished 3-4th at the Stockholm Major 2021 and at IEM Katowice 2022. After years of failing and trying, there has been consistency. Their success now has another feather in their cap. Heroic has won the Immortals Gaming Member Team Slot after a thorough bidding process with many leading teams.

NKT’s Rise No Accident. Both Are Equally Deserving It’s not as if NKT made it this far by chance. They may face huge odds. They are the MESA Nomadic Masters of Spring winners, which some will call David v Goliath.

That got them into the Blast Premier Spring Showdown Europe. They beat their local teams at the qualifier. D13 and IHC, the two highest-ranked outfits at the four-team event were pitted against each other in the single-elimination semi-final bracket, with D13 winning 2-0. In the second semifinal, NKT faced off against The Shine. NKT won 2-0. In the grand finale, the team led by ImpressioN took the three-game series 2-1 with a mighty impressive 16-12 scoreline for NKT.

Call them inexperienced but they are here to prove themselves in a competitive competition for positions. They were fortunate to get the final qualifying position. They will be continuing their growth over the next week.

Astralis vs Moviestar Riders Pick


Astralis vs Moviestar Riders Predictions

Astralis Hold the Edge

Astralis are the favourites for this one alright, but their form of late has been patchy at best. Are they a result of the many changes and reshuffles that have occurred? They will be able to provide an answer. The fact, though, is they haven’t been able to scale the heights that they did in 2020 or even pre-pandemic. What is it about the internet that’s made such an impact? He’d like to share his thoughts.

Now, it’s just a matter of having to conquer a few challenges in order to be one of the stable side. Their performances aren’t up to par. Their show at the ESL Pro League Season-15 was ordinary at best. Although they beat the sides expected to win, such as AGO, Complexity and Entropic, their show at ESL Pro League Season-30 was average. They lost to teams that were promising tougher matches, including NaVI, Heroic and FURIA.

The result was between 5-8. If that was expected to spur them to a better performance at IEM Katowice 2022, they underwhelmed there, too, finishing 7-8th place, with wins only over ENCE and Fnatic.

So there’s ample proof that they’re far from being a top-10 European outfit. Astralis cannot afford to lose their focus from the beginning. Moviestar Riders are a force to be reckoned with at all levels. There are very few margins of error.

MoviStar has been steadily improving but still needs to be improved

Movistar is slowly showing signs of a gradual transition from its tiniest tiers over the past several years. This Spanish team is ready for a new chapter. At the ESL Pro League Season 15, they made it through to the playoffs without a single loss.

However, they received a ruse surprise from ENCE in their first playoff fixture. Despite featuring in two open qualifiers they failed to make it through to the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR tournament, so no one should be under any illusion that they’re championship material.

The statistics for the map pools of both teams are almost identical. It’s probable that the Danish team will pick nukes while Movistar chooses inferno and mirage. Astralis is worth your investment purely because of their unique style and experience.

NIP vs Bad News Eagles Pick


NIP vs Bad News Eagles Prediction

Why NIP Are the Overwhelming Favourites

Let’s get the facts out of the way. NIP is the higher-ranked group. According to HLTV ratings, they are currently ranked seventh. Bad News Eagles are 25th. NIP has won four of the last five games, and is the best team in the league with all the odds in their favor.

The two sides last met a month ago at the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 European RMR with NIP winning quite comfortably by a 16-11 margin. Bad News Eagles also have some momentum, with three wins in five games. However, those victories were against lower-tier teams.

And while winning momentum is important to carry over to a major game, the team will not be put under any pressure as the pressure of running the race rests on NIP.

Bad News Eagles-Dalings of Kosovo Regardless of the outcome on Wednesday, Bad news Eagles should be proud of their achievements. They created history on April 24 when the Kosovan outfit made it through to the PGL Antwerp Major by beating Sinners 2-1 in the European Regional Major Rankings.

The result was a huge upset, but it made social media waves. The team was praised by Albin Kurti, the prime minister of the country. Their feat is made even more impressive by the fact that all players are from Kosovo. It is remarkable that this entire team was assembled in less than three months. They will win, but so far they’ve checked every box on the developmental spectrum.

They have made it to the Majors beating ASG, Entropiq and SINNERS. The Challengers section of the tournament will be held on May 9. They couldn’t have asked for a better build-up than participating at the Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2022.

How to Watch Blast Premier Spring Showdown Europe

Blast Premier Spring Showdown Europe Information Teams NiP, Bad News Eagles, Movistar Riders, Astralis, ENCE, NKT, Heroic Location Online event, conducted in Europe Time Wednesday, April 27 at 10. 30 AM EST onwards How to watch Official Twitch channel

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