Call Of Duty League Picks, Betting Predictions May 28


Atlanta FaZe vs Los Angeles Guerrillas Picks

Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe vs Los Angeles Guerrillas Predictions

Operated by Activision, Call of Duty League 2022 is a 12-team event that has four stages. Each stage has three weeks worth of group play online to decide seedings. A double-elimination bracket is used for the Major.

Sunday’s toppers are the Atlanta FaZe and Los Angeles Guerrillas. FaZe have a 17-6 record across the series so far, having won 60 maps in all. Guerrillas in comparison lie fifth on the table with a 12-10 win-loss ratio. They have had a propensity to concede maps immediately in the aftermath of winning one, well explained by their maps win-loss ratio of 47-44.

FaZe are overwhelming favourites based on proficiency and current form. FaZe is so far behind Guerrillas that they can deliver five times returns if they are upset by FaZe. However, such a scenario is a distant dream at the moment.

Atlanta FaZe Must Regroup Quickly

FaZe must quickly recover from the 3-1 defeat to OpTic Texas. The game was tight throughout and they kept up with FaZe through. Texas struck first with a 250-205 score line on the Gavatu Hardpoint map. Their team was the only one to have a below-average KD. 26 told you of the control they managed to wrest right through the map.

FaZe won the next set, but Texas came back strong with a 3-1 victory in Berlin Control. FaZe was outgunned at every corner. Byron Vera, also known as “Prolute”, was their difference maker. He dropped a 2. 55 KD with close to 30 kills on the map to help complete a terrific victory.

Los Angeles Guerrillas May Take Inspiration from Recent History

The Rebirth Island tournament demonstrated that LA Guerrillas have a clear path. After starting with a loss, they moved on to the losers round where they won seven consecutive victories. FaZe, title favorites was one of their victories.

It was more than a win, it was a huge statement of intent. It was clear that the difference between these two teams was smaller than it had ever been, as evidenced by the 5-2 final score. It’s clear that this was an unusual result, and it is not common to see such a thing.

It’s up to them to draw from the game and try again with a level playing field. This is not an easy task.

London Royal Ravens vs Toronto Ultra Picks

London Royal Ravens

London Royal Ravens vs Toronto Ultra Predictions

Back Royal Ravens, Hands Down

London Royal Ravens are placed third on the table with a 12-8 win-loss record, but the gap between them and second-placed OpTic Texas is so huge that even a succession of wins here is unlikely to narrow down that gap anytime soon. You have nothing to lose when you find yourself in this situation.

A 41-38 win-loss on the maps tells you how they haven’t exactly been able to capitalise on winning maps. Toronto Ultra is struggling, and they may be able for them to relax a little. They are 10th currently, having lost more than they have won. They are trying to salvage a campaign that is already ruined. Only pride is all that remains.

Back Royal Ravens will win this. Their line-up was strengthened by the addition of Harry and Nastie. Harry was a Toronto Ultra Academy EU player since March. Ultra might know some tricks Harry may not.

In many ways, Royal Ravens look to rebound from their 8th-place finish at Major Two. The signs look promising so far.

Toronto Ultra Must Seize Key Moments

Toronto Ultra had one problem. They haven’t given a hint of fighting in the games that they’ve lost. One thing can go down and another is going down with the fight. They want this to be corrected quickly. But that’s not the only problem. Even though they have been leading, they still struggle to gain the lead.

Take their game against Minnesota ROKKR as an example. Minnesota won three consecutive map victories to win the reverse sweep of the series after falling behind by 2-0. They would have been devastated by that loss.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Boston Breach Picks

Boston Breach

Los Angeles Thieves vs Boston Breach Predictions

A Clash of Equals

In what is a mid-table clash, Boston Breach hold the aces as they go up against Los Angeles Thieves, who have fallen behind after a good start. Breach are currently fourth with a 11-10 record, Thieves have a slightly inferior record, and are currently 8-11, hot on the heels of sixth-placed Minnesota and seventh-placed Seattle Surge.

A win here would propel them up two spots in the charts. Although Breach is the favorite, they are still the favorites. However, after their matches don’t expect Thieves not to fight. It is going to prove difficult to predict because there are so many equals.

LA Thieves Sapped from Momentum LA The Thieves attempted to reach the Pro-Am Classic finals earlier in the month but failed to achieve the same results at the qualifying stage. After a convincing 3-0 victory over the London Royal Ravens favourites, they have been defeated in two consecutive matches and are now down to 1-2. The Seattle Surge was one of the opponents. They seemed to have the upper hand from the beginning. They have the chance to strike back in this game.

New York Subliners vs OpTic Texas Picks

OpTic Texas

New York Subliners vs OpTic Texas Predictions

A Giant Mismatch

This is a giant mismatch on paper. OpTic Texas is No. 2, with an overall 17-4 win-loss in the series up against NY Subliners, who are 11th, with a underwhelming 6-11 record. They have lost an astounding 39 maps, while being able to pocket just 27.

On current form, it is difficult to imagine how they would be able add to this. They are playing one of the most clinical teams that barely allowed an inch to their opponent. Optic remain unquestionably top, having defeated Atlanta FaZe in stage-3. Brydos Vera, also known as “Prolute”, was part of an impressive line-up which won; this helped them climb up the ranks charts.

Subliners make a wholesome roster change

Subliners made some wholesome roster adjustments. KisMET, an ex-Paris legion member has been added to the roster. He teamed up with the team during the Pro-Am Classic, Ohio. Neptune was his top target during trials in New York and he trained alongside the team for the bulk of the midseason break. Despite not getting the results they hoped for, the franchise experimented extensively with their entire roster as well as KiSMET in order to find out how they could mix and match. They settled on Crimsix and HyDra as starters, while Clayster was left to sit at the bench. This line-up has yet to fulfill their promises. It remains to be seen if the arrangement will last.

How to Watch the COD League

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