Calvin Ridley Suspension Insider Picks & March Madness Tips


*) , , . With the 2022 NCAA Basketball Tournament coming up quickly, this is the ideal time to record another episode of Wise Kracks. This week Bill and Jon dig into March Madness betting picks and strategy, plus a long list of trending topics including Calvin Ridley’s gambling-related suspension and a massive $250,000 losing UFC bet on Masvidal by rapper Drake last weekend. The guys welcome Jake Thieneman, a former football player. They talk about Jake’s life in the NFL as well as his move to TikTok and how content creation helps other athletes make money online.

Relax and take in the action as you enjoy a thrilling 47 minute of betting heaven.

Krack’s Guide to Betting March Madness

“There are going to be plenty of opportunities for positive expected (value) wagers,” said Bill when the topic of March Madness came up.

This week Krack discusses why the NCAA Tournament is so big and how to profit from it.

In the first round, I placed a lot on underdogs. Krack adds that these teams, who’ve never been to the tournament before, are now euphoric and have no idea .”

Krack shares some more tips and explains common pitfalls.

“It gets crazy.” It’s very easy to become overwhelmed .”

With a multitude of 67 game and the opportunity to place a bet at every turn, it is easy to get lost.

If you’re planning on wagering on March Madness then listen to this episode.

NFL’s Jake Thieneman Tackles TikTok

Jake Thieneman had an amazing career as a Purdue Boilermaker. He was an Academic All Big Ten player in 2017 and started 13 safety games.

His 12 tackling against Iowa resulted in Purdue’s win over Arizona. He also interceded on Arizona’s final possession.

Thiieneman was promoted to team captain, then spent time playing with the Colts and Giants and 49ers. While his time in the NFL was short, Jake was able to go to the Super Bowl with the 49ers.

In this interview Jake discusses his life as an athlete, his new chapter in creating content and growing his TikTok followers, and helping athletes to build their online brands.

Jake has a huge personality. We predict that you will be seeing more of his content online.

Drake Rips Quarter-Milly for Masvidal, but Dinner?

Drake made a huge bet on Saturday. He lost this bet just a few weeks after making headlines for betting six figures on roulette.

Most recently Drake bet $250,000 on Jorge Masvidal to beat Colby Covington in the main event of UFC 272.

Joe was the underdog +250. Colby won all five rounds with a decisive win.

Jorge was willing to go out with Drake to eat after the fight to make up the lost. Is Drake having a problem? Bill claims that Drake is a gambler but has the bankroll necessary to cover the losses.

NFL Off-Season Update

Aaron Rodgers announced he was coming back to Green Bay. Rodgers may have just signed his largest contract yet.

Green Bay looks even dumber for drafting Jordan Love. Love is now in a situation where he may be trying to leave Green Bay.

Russell Wilson also was traded to Denver Broncos shortly after the Rodgers incident.

Falcons’ best wide receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended for one year due to his gambling activities on the NFL.

He allegedly gambled on IR while he was there, even though he wasn’t betting against the Falcons. According to Ridley, he only placed $1 ,500.. Bill felt sorry for the victim, but indicated that there were other ways to place bets on games that would not have led him to trouble.

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