CBLOL-LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs Picks, Predictions, Odds For April 16


Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves Pick

Team Liquid (moneyline)

Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves Predictions

What Makes Liquid The Team To Beat

The caravan moves from one tournament to another. If the hard tussle of the LCS Spring Split 2022 was just an appetiser, the main course is set to come now. It features two of the best sides in the league, who are having a great run.

Team Liquid finished on top of the pile with 14 wins and four losses, including a three-match streak to stave off any competition for their throne. 100 Thieves weren’t too far behind, finishing third, with a 12-6 win-loss record. These two teams were not in danger at any point during the split of making it to the playoffs.

Having made it clear that they would be playing in the winners bracket, the Evil Geniuses put up a fierce fight before finally winning the game 3-1. It looked as though there was going to be an upset, but the team held on.

Meanwhile, 100 Thieves had it slightly easier as they overcame Cloud9 by a comfortable 3-0 margin. The result was achieved quickly and without much effort. Now we are at Round 2 where the winner of the bracket contest will clash with the other. The winner of this round will automatically make it to the final. Loser will get a second chance at redemption, as they’ll face the winner in round 2 of the losers bracket match.

A See-Saw battle Liquid and EG each won while they were playing on the green. Both sides took a near identical 33 minutes to win their respective maps to make it 1-1. Liquid then clinically sifted through the map in the third, sweeping it in 28 minutes, to take a 2-1 lead. As it to counter-punch, EG hit back to take the next map in a little over 30 minutes to make it 2-2.

With everything at stake, the last game became a fight of nerves with each side trying to win, and not to lose. Liquid won the game with Soren Berg “Bjergsen” Berg playing an important role.

He landed 4.2 kills and 2.4 deaths to win. He was well supported by Steven”Hans sama” whose proficiency landed him 3.8 kills, 2.2 death and 6 assists, this included a decisive final sweep, in which he landed 7 kills, 1 death and 10 assist in the decider.

Abbedagge’s Hot & Cold Season For 100 Thieves

Abbedagge has blown hot and cold right through the spring split. His lack of form caused debate when he was not delivering. He has improved his skills from being a role-player to a top player.

This transformation seems to have had a direct impact on 100 Thieves’ upswing as well. Their appearance is much more balanced. All said, he still has some haunting memories of his previous outing against Team Liquid, where he died thrice within the first 10 minutes of the contest.

He will have to sync up with Closer and Ryze to give 100 Thieves some sort of a chance. This much we do know: 100 Thieves will run Liquid a lot closer than Evil Geniuses did. Expect a cracker.

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Pick

Pick: Cloud9 (moneyline)

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses Predictions

The Isles Impact For Cloud9

Cloud9 carry with them the confidence of a 3-0 mauling of the Golden Guardians. Cloud9 had to make a change in their roster before the game. Jonah Rosario replaced Kim Dong-Keon. Isles is a Cloud9 Academy regular, and has had the opportunity to develop his game. Winsome’s American travel troubles, Isles jumped at the chance to play in this tournament.

But they are now key members of the squad and not just close competitors. Isles performed well after being promoted to the main squad. He had done well with Kim “Berserker”, Min-cheol. Isles’ impact was such that he could have won the Player of the Series award if it wasn’t for an incredible show by Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami on LeBlanc.

For the record, the game against Golden Guardians was Fudge’s first t the LCS, having only previously experienced this stage at the 2022 Lock-in. His dedication and ability to make such an impact, despite only having spent a few hours training in preparation for the game speaks volumes about his form. Isles is a great performer and has overcome any doubts about Berserker’s ability to work with him.

A Shot at Redemption

Make no mistake. The Evil Geniuses are aiming for the title. FlyQuest was defeated 3-1 by Evil Geniuses, and they were eliminated from the title race. Don’t judge the scores by their own merits. There were many exciting areas in the game which Evil Genuises used to win. Kacper “Inspired”, Sloma, and Joseph “jojopyun”) Joon Pyun both had impressive outings. They played a key role in establishing an early lead that they were able to maintain.

Evil Geniuses brought with the reputation of having one of the most promising rosters ahead of the 2022 spring split, and as we approach the end of the playoffs, that perception has only further been reinforced through their performances. Inspired was one of the first players to struggle, but they have made up for it. After being kicked out by Cloud9 in the spring split’s final round, they now have a chance to redeem themselves.

Before the beginning of the playoffs began, Jungler Inspired was unhappy with the format and said that the best-of-1 wasn’t the right way to go. Inspired expressed his confidence that he would be able compete with any team in the best-of-5 series. It is clear that BO1 and BO5 have equal chances of defeating anyone. This has been evident from the way they responded in recent weeks. EG has faced many challenges along the way. To be eligible for the playoffs, they had to win the final round of spring split. They were feeling the pressure. They proved that they could take down CLG Academy and secure entry to the top six. Dignitas was also eliminated by the win.

Red Canids vs paIN Pick

Pick: paIN (moneyline)

Red Canids vs paIN Predictions

The Route To The Finale

Red Canids have taken the hard route to the final. The Red Canids began their journey with an eviction at the hands Kabum. In the first round of the winners bracket, Esports. They were unable to win a semifinal entry, but they had to overcome three obstacles of different degrees in order to reach the grand finale.

They are now waiting for their old foe, paIN Gaming. After beating FURIA 3-2 in the winners’ bracket matchup, they will be taking on Kabum! We now have two remaining teams. Which team will win?

Red Canids Swear By Continuity

Because the two teams are so closely stacked together in terms of strengths, form and recent history, the odds are also tightly packed. Although paIN has a slight advantage, it is not significant in the context of larger events. Red Canids believe in continuity.

Winners for the 2021 Split 2 and representatives at the Worlds 2021, they ensured the kept faith in the same set of players who delivered success last year. Four of the five players on their roster chose to extend contracts until 2023.

Sunday’s BO5 match brought out a new side to RED, who were defeated in round one by KaBuM. They have delved deep to find solutions for problems that they’ve been struggling with for years.

First, they had excellent map control and executed fights better between the teams. The three wins in a row means Alexandre “TitaN”, Lima’s team will be competing for the CbLol title.

How to Watch CBLOL-LCS 2022 Spring Split

CBLOL-LCS 2022 Spring Split Information Teams CBLOL: Red Canids vs Pain

LCS: Liquid vs 100 Thieves, Cloud9 vs EG Location Offline event, conducted in North America and Brazil Time Saturday, March April 16 at 11. 00 AM EST onwards How to watch CBLOL and LCS official Twitch channel

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