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*) , , , . It’s Episode 106 Wise Kracks. This week’s guest is an expert in college football betting. The passing of sports broadcasting icon Deshaun Watson, major trades in MLB and look-ahead game and the bettor’s edge are all discussed. Let’s go!

Your hosts Jon Orlando and Bill Krackomberger look back at the remarkable career of Vin Scully. A Los Angeles Dodgers legend that was as important to Jon as it was for him growing up, Scully is now gone. After being suspended for six games,

Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Deshaun Watson has made headlines. They want to find out how this will impact total season-win bets. This is what it means for the look-ahead game and for bettors.

They also discuss boxing drama, including the cancelled Jake Paul vs. Hasim Raman Jr. fight. Jon and Bill are fed up of the Paul celebrity machine.

UFC 277 was held this weekend. Despite some great fights, Jon still has something to complain about the scorecard.

This week Jon and Bill are joined by Chris “The Bear” Fallica (Research Producer, ESPN’s multi-Emmy Award winning ESPN show College GameDay). Chris is also the co-host of the podcast “Stanford Steve and the Bear”, where he displays his Sports Betting Analyst skills.

He joins the men to discuss his early betting days, horse racing and tips for college football betting. This week’s Wise Kracks podcast will give you all the details.

Deshaun Wilson Suspension: What Does This mean for Look-Ahead Games

Deshaun Watson was given a six-game NFL suspension. Jon is curious about the impact of DeShaun Watson’s absence from the Cleveland Browns’ QB. He asks: “How does that affect the win totals for bets ?” With his fingers on the pulse, Bill says, “Well it didn’t.” This insight gives him an edge for those who bet on look-ahead lines and what this means for them. Jon, who is a fan of look-ahead lines and Bill’s value, says that you can’t predict which players will be hurt. In the case Watson, Bill saw the suspension as an opportunity for him to place a large number of bets later in the season. While he thought the suspension would be four to six games long, other people believed it was longer.

You can place a bet for one week 16, 17, Bill says that it should work out well for him as a sports betting bettor.

Bill draws attention to “giant edges” that will be present in the NFL season.

Bill acknowledges that not all bet like him. “People don’t enjoy tying their money up for that long…I have games in December ”

To wrap up his insights, Bill says, “Pay attention, socials. I believe there were some values starting in week seven.”

ESPN Research producer Chris Fallica and Betting on College Football Season This episode features Bill and Jon, joined by Chris “The Bear” Fallica, who is a Research Producer on college football’s most popular and highly-acclaimed pregame program College GameDay. Chris began his ESPN career 27 as a production assistant. His work expanded to include ESPN programming and a position as co-host on the podcast “Stanford Steve and the Bear”.

Bill and Chris are two of the “old-school” men in betting. He confides in Chris in a crowd that includes many social media celebrities who have flocked to gambling since the boom. Chris, a “gambler” first personality, tells the men about his early gambling days. He relates how his father would bring home parlay tickets as a child and that he would get one each week. Bill recalls the days of football parlays. He would participate in them when he was 7 years old Being part of an early show at ESPN that recognized that betting could be done on the games made by people, Chris felt that his enthusiasm and knowledge were very kinetic. People would claim he (Chris), has lived it all his life. His knowledge and ability to communicate gave Chris an advantage during the boom.

Jon dives into college football conversation and brings up NIL. This allows college athletes to use their image, name, or likeness for commercial purposes.

University of Mississippi football coach Lane Kiffin believes that NIL is “basically legalized cheating,” but Jon would like to see how it will affect the lines and betting decisions people make. Chris says that it’s been a bit more difficult to place bets early in the season because these children aren’t transferring as late. He could envision a salary-type structure with NIL.

Although he is a college football reporter, you might not be surprised to learn that it’s not the sport he prefers to wager on.

Chris says that he enjoys betting on tennis and soccer because of all the opportunities in the game. For instance, in tennis the favourite could lose the first set.

Bill discusses the incredible closing line value of betting preseason. This is something that people often vilify. Chris disagrees and says that preseason betting has a great closing line value. He is often criticized for this.

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