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LBZS vs Team MagmaPick

Team Magma

LBZS vs Team Magma Prediction

Just the one league picture remains as the DPC China 2021-22 Tour 2: Division 1 veers towards a conclusion. The top four teams will make it through to the Stockholm tournament in 2022. For the next tour the top six teams will remain in their current division, with the two bottom-placed teams being relegated into Division 2.

But the two lowest-placed teams will be playing in Saturday’s first game. LBZS, Team Magna and both have lost six of their games. Only one can win. Both sides will be moving down to Division-2 as it stands now. This perspective doesn’t offer much. They can only hope to end on a positive note.

Team Magna – Although their record is not impressive, they still have a lot to gain from LBZS. They have a win percentage of 41.86. They have suffered the greatest losses: an increase in deaths per capita. It is an area of grey that could prove decisive.

They average 20.4 kills, while they average 24. 16 deaths. The assist rate of 46. 47 is fairly competent, but the result of such a high death percentage means they aren’t quite able to build on the assists.

Also, overall, they take about 34. 17 minutes to complete a map. This number changes to 36. 15 minutes in victories, and drops to 32. 52 minutes in defeat. When they lose control over a map, it is possible for things to quickly go south.

The greater the difference in map times from victory to defeat, the more problems that can be created. The team that has a smaller gap between victory and defeat indicates their ability to maintain sway in the contest.

LBZS – Consistent but Need More Push

The one thing that LBZS have in common is their consistency at the DPC. They are a consistent presence and can be found yo-yoing from Division 1 to 2. They have proven to be consistent over time without ever being exceptional.

While they are intimidating at this level, they often get judged for their ability to hold their own amongst the best teams. They are often found lacking in this area. This is where I want to leave a lasting impression. Are they able to end on high?

EHOME vs Vici Gaming Pick

Vici Gaming

EHOME vs Vici Gaming Predictions

EHOME are currently in fifth spot with a 3-3 record. With a win, and some luck, they could finish in the top four. Vici Gaming is also in the mid-table, but they are not amongst the top four. One of the two will likely be in that bracket.

As things stand, they’re not in the relegation area. They are the two Chinese teas with the most intrigue. Both teas are contenders for the title. The contest will decide who wins the major, and who goes down in flames.

As it stands, there are many betting platforms that offer different odds. Some people consider EHOME to be the favourite, while others see VICI as the favorite. We can tell you that either EHOME or VICI are the best bets.

EHOME: Punching Above their Weight

EHOME’s roster has a lot of potential. Although it is unlikely that you will recognize them, they are doing an admirable job of making the best of their situation. They were so much the underdogs that everyone cheered for them at the DPC CN Regional finals.

But playing against larger and more experienced teams at DPC – such as Xtreme Gaming or PSD.LDG – is a whole different kettle of tea. They have had a lot of fun. The important thing is to try and fight with no inhibitions, see where their plans lead.

VICI – In Form, In Sync VICI Gaming just finished an exciting contest against Team Aster. Both teams were among the best in China for the last couple of years and engaged in a fierce team battle.

Yes, each side has had its flaws, and they haven’t always done the right thing, but they seem ready to return to their winning style.

Royal Never Give Up vs Xtreme Gaming Pick

Xtreme Gaming

Royal Never Give Up vs Xtreme Gaming Predictions

Currently second, RNG can’t move further up, but have shown enough steel in the league phase to serve as a reminder of their prowess. They have a record of 4-2 so far and will be facing Xtreme Gaming

. Xtreme Gaming Predictions

RNG is currently second, but they can’t move up. This is an equals match. This is a battle between two exciting sides.

Nineteen wins out of 32. A win percentage of 59.38. A kill: death ratio of little more than 1 combined with 54. 75 assists – the numbers are all formidable for RNG, but stats alone don’t mean anything. Is it possible to translate this into success on the field This is basically a game in which the winner gets a guaranteed spot at the major.

RNG will learn a lot from the loss to Team Aster. This was not only a defeat, but also a disappointing one. It was their second loss in the championship. Xtreme Gaming is also coming off a defeat to PSG LDG their last game. It’s now a battle between the two sides, and it has even greater significance with the main at stake.

Remember, the games will be played online, and not in person, at the end of the league phase. At stake apart from plenty of DPC points and slots at the major are USD 205,000.

PSG LGD and Team Aster Pick

PSG LGD. Team Aster’s Prediction

Toppers PSG LGD has aced the league stage with an unbeatable, all-win record of 6-0. Although Team Aster has overcome their slump and received a reality check, they are not yet at risk of losing out. A win would lift them up to the top 2. This is a battle of flair and flamboyance. Which player will be left standing at the finish?

Aster boasts many experienced players, including Monet (a familiar face to Dota-2 fans in China) and Ori (a veteran player). Aster was prolific on past DPC tours. Aster isn’t the type of team who flits around mid-table looking for chances. They will grab any opportunity they find. This time, things look no different.

Domination by The Undisputed King

LGD are still the undisputed leaders of China’s dota-2 community. They emerged as winners of the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit Winter tour regional final after overcoming RNG in a one-sided clash that went their way (3-1).

PSG LGD is one of few organizations that has kept their whole roster from last season. It is still the core of the team that gave an outstanding performance at the Aegis of Champions.

It was an inspiring run, too. The team went 7-0 during regional league play and claimed the top seed to the regional final. They fought off serious competition from EHOME, but won the game. In the final of the upper bracket, they beat a reenergized RNG led by Chalice, Somnus and xNova in just two games before defeating them in the grand finale. This time, the dominant run of Shades was omnipresent. What will happen next?

How to Watch Dota 2 CN Division

Dota 2 CN Division Information Teams PSG LGD, Team Aster, EHome, Vici Gaming, Team Magma, LBZS Location Conducted in China Time Saturday, April 23 at 9. 00 AM EST onwards How to watch Official Twitch channel

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