Dota 2 DPC China Picks, Predictions March 29


RNG vs LBZS Pick

RNG (moneyline)

RNG vs LBZS Predictions

The contests at Dota 2 Pro-Division 1 of China are hotting up. Royal Never Give Up is currently in second place with a 4-0 overall win-loss record. LBZS are their opponents and they are currently joint seventh. They are having trouble putting together a team that is strong enough to compete and win.

Now, the battle will be between two teams from opposite ends of confidence. It’s unlikely that there will be a winner, as the odds favor LBZS.

What Makes RNG tick

RNG had an excellent run in the winter split.

They’d like to maintain that dominance over their regional rivals going forward. RNG had to deal with the pain of their first major being cancelled. They were unable to participate at an international level for quite some time.

Their star-studded team is eager to get out on the field and show their talent. The RNG team didn’t participate in any tournaments outside of January. This helped them win against Aster (2-1), their final DPC league match. They finished a respectable third.

The RNG team resisted both the PSG.LGD, and Aster teams well in the DPC. This is merely an indication of their strong team that they built up during the build-up. Renewed RNG started the new DPC cycle 2022 in the elite division, made possible only by their lucky disbanding of the Elephant squad.

As a team, RNG have 19 wins out of 32 in the latest patch of dota-2, amounting to a win percentage of 59.38. Despite their skill, RNG will be looking to increase their kills-to-death ratio, as they are almost cancelling each other out at the moment. They land 24. 78 kills on an average along with 24. 03 deaths. Their assist rate stands at a more than respectable 54.75. In wins, they take an average of 37 minutes and 24 seconds to complete a map. Overall, their average durations – accounting for both wins and losses – stands at 36.55.

Assembling A Formidable Squad

Failure in 2021 forced the reshuffle of personnel, with them signing three new players and giving them a run at the same time.

The team still includes the Chinese carrying God King and foursome FelixCiaoBa from Malaysia. They also have the Chinese mid Somnum’M who recently transferred to Royal Club after leaving team Elephant. There’s the Chinese three Chalice and the Malaysian five xNova who were both transferred from EHOME.

LBZS – A Young Team in Transition

LBZS is a young tier-3 team in China, formed back in late 2020.

They have advanced from the elite level in the Chinese DPC league but did not win one match and moved straight to the second division. There, they earned the right to reappear in the second DPC league in the season 2021 to face the strongest teams in the region.

Over time they’ve had to deal with many changes in their roster. Some were forced. Others were tactical. They signed Kagome (Pyue), Molasses, and detachment in advance of the DPC cycle.

The only player who isn’t changed is CatYou. She has been with this team more than a decade, or more precisely, since it was formed. They meet a group of people who are trying to chart new paths for them amid all this chaos.

This should tell you the reason why they are so badly favored. If they win, a one-dollar bet could bring you almost eight dollars.

Problems of Plenty

LBZS started competing for Tier 2 DPC Championships starting March 2021. The most significant of them is the China Dota 2 Pro Cup which has a prize pool of over $50000. The event saw LBZS make a big name.

They qualified for the Tier 1 tourney, and competed in Tier 2 scrims. Due to tight pandemic restrictions, most rounds were conducted online. The final rounds took place only in LAN matches, even though they were restricted to online play. LBZS was also accused in the final rounds of a player-swap, though that did not happen. The story of Team Spirit’s journey from Tier 2 to The International winner is a tribute to this fact.

They manage just 12. 17 kills on an average, apart from going for 26. 17 deaths. This large disparity is why they have been so poor. They don’t do them any favors by having a ratio of 1 to 2. It is simple: Kills are terrible, but deaths aren’t so bad. The assist rate of 28 is extremely poor

It speaks of their inability to have any control over the map. They lose a map in just 32. 05, which shows how they have been stomped over easily.

Vici Gaming vs Xtreme Gaming Pick

Pick: Vici Gaming (moneyline)

Vici Gaming vs Xtreme Gaming Predictions

Vici Gaming are currently in a two-way race for fourth spot with a 3-4 win-loss record. Their rivals Xtreme Gaming is joint second, with four wins (and a loss). Vici has the odds against them based on their recent performance. Xtreme holds the advantage going into this clash.

Xtreme Gaming, along with Team Magma, are in contention to win the regional league title. And with the constant pressure from other top rosters like PSG.LGD, Team Aster, Royal Never Give Up, China is likely once again the most stacked region from top to bottom in the 2022 DPC–at least when it comes to Division I.

For China, matches across both Division I and Division II will run from March 14 to April 22 in a round-robin format. China, along with Western Europe, gets four invites to the Stockholm Major, which will be held from May 12 to 22 barring any future changes. Xtreme is well-placed to claim one of these spots.

Vici Gaming suffered a poor showing on the Winter Tour. They are looking to rebound, but with Xtreme, Paparazi and Pyw leading the charge, it will be difficult for them to crack the top four when another favourite enters.

Vici’s Numbers Decent, But Don’t Stand Out

Vici’s Record is not the best. Out of 71 maps in the latest patch, they’ve won 40, which translates to a win percentage of 56.34. Their kill rate of 25. 37 is quite formidable, with the death rate at 22.77.

Their assist rate of 59. 48 points to proficiency in building up towards kills, even if they may not be able to at times nail their execution correctly. Overall, they take 38. 55 minutes to finish a map, which points to them keeping the opposition out there longer.

In wins, this number marginally increases but it isn’t an indicator of their efficiency. This merely shows that they have a systematic side and work hard to get kills. In losses, the map time increases to 39. 17

COVID Casts a Shadow Again? There is some speculation that the Chinese Dota Pro Circuit will be put on hold, as the country enters its most restrictive lockdown in more than two years.

Shanghai has declared a lockdown that will cover the entire city. Perfect World must be notified in order to follow the regulations.

The regional league will be officially halted after the completion of Tuesday’s matches. Organisers hope to resume normal operations by April 8.

During this time, the regional league will officially be halted. The organisers plan to resume full operations on April 8.

The good thing about the games proceeding until March 29 is both Vici and Xtreme won’t be left hanging, and won’t have to deal with the anxieties that accompany indefinite postponement. If they are able to gather their energy in the same direction, then the winner of the force break will be a sigh of relief.

How to Watch Dota 2 DPC China Division

Dota 2 DPC China Division Information Teams RNG vs LBZS, Vici Gaming vs Xtreme Gaming Location Conducted in China Time Tuesday, March 29 at 3. 00 AM EST onwards How to watch Official Twitch channel

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