ESL One Stockholm 2022 Picks, Betting Predictions May 18


The 14 competing teams have been split into two groups of seven, with the top four from each group advancing to the upper bracket playoffs. In the lower bracket playoffs, teams in fifth- and sixth place from each group will be competing. Each side will play six matches in a round-robin format. All of the matches are best-of-2.

T1 vs Fnatic Picks


T1 vs Fnatic Predictions

An Unlikely Prospect To Begin With

It’s not where you expected these sides to be at the end of the group stages, but both T1 and Fnatic will fight it out in Round-1 of the Lower Bracket playoffs. This possibility has been possible due to a series of inconsistent results. T1 was fourth in Group A behind Tundra Esports and OG, as well as Betboom Team. They managed to win two games, lose two and draw two. Fnatic had a score of 2-2-2, and finished sixth in Group A, narrowly beating Team Spirit and Team Liquid. Lucky draw saw T1 take on Group B’s toppers Gaimin Gladiators at the Upper-bracket round-1. They were then beaten by a score of 2-0.

This brings them up against an old foe. It’s a reflection of both sides, who are known for their propensity to close the deal. The marginal favorites for this game are T1, despite their slip-ups.

T1 Shut Out

The Gladiators dominated both matches against T1. The Gladiators seized control of the game and quickly consolidated their lead to win. They didn’t look at all like T1 was going to win the match. Gladiators pocketed 70.1k gold as compared to T1’s 49.3k gold in game-1. They also landed 34 kills to T1’s 11. This is all there was to it. The game 2 result was similar. Gabbi Bristleback had 4 kills. However, 6 deaths ruined all of the hard work T1 did to establish a solid footing. Karl Lina was a standout in the first game with 5 kills and 2 deaths, as well as 5 assists.

But he didn’t have the ability to continue that success in game two, when he only managed one kill. This was it. T1 lost in a quick halt.

Fnatic’s wake-up call

Fnatic had on paper a good position to challenge Gaimin Gladiators. Both sides gave their best, with GG winning 2-0. Fnatic’s TA was at the forefront of this battle, as was GG’s Ember.

Fnatic did have their moments and held a slight edge mid-game but fell short of the Rosh pit, allowing them to win comfortably. Fnatic was further entangled by Miroslav Bican (or BOOM) Bican’s explosive start in the second game. They were only delaying the inevitable, despite all their efforts.

Tundra Esports vs Thunder Awaken Pick


Tundra Esports vs Thunder Awaken Predictions

Clash Of Titans

This is a contest that pits Tundra, the Group A topper, against Thunder Awaken, Group B’s second-placed team, in the upper bracket semi-finals. Tundra won five of the six games in their group phase. They also managed a draw. Thunder Awake, on the other hand, won three, lost one, and drew two games in their group phase.

Tundra won the quarterfinals of the upper bracket, beating Team Spirit by a tough challenge. Thunder Awaken faced a challenge from Betboom Team but managed to overcome it and win the quarterfinals by a similar margin.

This brings us to the semifinal match between Tundra. On current form, the odds favor Tundra. You can place your safe wager on Tundra’s success in the final.

Tundra Sustain Domination

Tundra by virtue of finishing fourth in their region were always expected to dominate their round-1 upper bracket clash, so it was no surprise to see them win the way they did. Spirit showed some fighting spirit after being defeated in the first game.

This allowed them to even the score. This may have caused them to relax a wee bit, because they switched off all too briefly in the third and then saw Leon “Nine” Kirilin ransack his way to 13 kills and no deaths. As if to compete with him fiercely at the other side, Olivier “skiter” Leuko brought 14 kills with his Chaos Knight. In a flash, it consigned Spirit to The Lower Bracket.

Thunder Storm The Field

Thunder won the first game but Thunder prevailed. They took an early lead in the second game, but Betboom was able to pull back with clear objectives.

To Thunder’s credit they learned from their mistakes in the third. Crhistian Antony “Pakazs” Savina Casanova rose up to the occasion and won. Thunder was the most impressive in Group B tiebreakers. They beat all other sides to take a 3-0 lead. They beat TSM in 35 minutes on red, Liquid in 36 minutes on Green and Spirit on 48 minutes in green, eventually earning the second spot.

TSM vs Gaimin Gladiators Pick

Gaimin Gladiators

TSM vs Gaimin Gladiators Predictions

TSM’s Fighting Qualities A Standout

TSM were primed for a top two spot in Group B until their lone loss had them equal on points with Thunder Awaken. They were forced to accept third place. They and Gaimin, toppers, made it to the playoffs for the upper bracket. There they defeated OG and T1 to reach the semi-finals for the upper bracket.

T1 was beaten by Gaimin by a 2-0 margin. TSM defeated OG by the exact same margin. Each side displayed the dominance that you would expect. However, the odds are in Gaimin’s favor for this clash solely based on their current form.

Gaimin Gladiators’ Mission World Domination

When a new team is formed, irrespective of the esport, you’d expect they give themselves a settling down time. The Gaimin Gladiators support this trend. Formed barely five months ago, in January 2022, they’ve already risen up the Dota-2 rankings and have made it through to the top 14 of the ESL One Dota 2 Major.

They are now in the semifinals of the upper bracket and could be one win away winning the Major. There are rumors of rapid developments. Canada-based company is now considering a simultaneous global expansion. They are looking to acquire teams in Europe, South East Asia and Brazil.

It speaks well of their mission-world dominance. We will soon see their entire teams advancing to the top of their regions. Perhaps not long.

How to Watch ESL One Stockholm

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