ESL Pro League Picks, Predictions March 31


Ago vs Complexity Pick

Pick: Complexity (moneyline)

Ago vs Complexity Predictions

Kwangdong Punch Above Their Weight

There is a massive mismatch between these two teams on various fronts. The CS:GO ranking indicates a mismatch. Ago ranks No. 137 in the world while Complexity is ranked more than 100 spots over them, presently at No. 27 overall globally. Ago is in especially poor form, with four consecutive defeats. They were beaten 16-14 in Ancient by Astralis Talent in their previous game which was preceded by the best of three losses to 1Shot, Finest, and Looking For Org.

Complexity, on the other hand, has been in spectacular recent form, which includes four straight wins, including wins against Liquid 16-14 in Vertigo, 16-4 against Bad News Bears, and 16-1 in Ancient against Omega. This run could be an advantage in the match.

Will Mwlky Keep His Incredible Form?

It is likely that he will, as he has shown solid form in recent times.

Let’s take a closer look at his statistics. He has achieved an average of 0. in the last three months. 78 kills and just 0. 72 deaths per round. Although the death rate for this team is very high, they are doing an admirable job at the offensive.

This team needs to have some offense spirit as they’ve been beaten by most of their opponents in all maps. Ago won only once during this sampling period in Mirage and Inferno. There is still much to be done.

This will depend on Floppy and Junior

It is unlikely that these players won’t perform, but it seems likely. Floppy and Junior are both in outstanding form. Floppy has an average of 0. 73 kills with 0. 68 deaths per round in the last three months.

Junior is close behind, with an average of 0. 71 kills and 0. 58 deaths per round in the same analysis period as Floppy. Complexity has enough offensive power to dominate the game, if they are able to stay consistent and keep their current form.

It will be fascinating to see what maps are chosen and left out. They have not performed as well in Dust 2, with a win percentage of 33 percent in their last three maps. They have only won two out of the last four Inferno maps.

They have won their four last maps in Vertigo. They have won four of the last four maps in Vertigo, but Nuke is the complete opposite.

Heroic vs Astralis Pick

Pick: Heroic (moneyline)

Heroic vs Astralis Predictions

This is a high-profile blockbuster matchup between two of the better teams in the world. In the past few months, Heroic has seen impressive and significant progress to quickly rise to No. They are the betting favorite for this match, at 5th place in the world currently.

Astralis has a new roster than the last couple of years, but it is now creating a strong core of players who can compete with and beat all the other teams on the professional circuit. Their position at the top of the pro circuit has remained steady for several months. 11 in the world now.

Astralis has the potential to take on even Heroic’s team.

Considering these odds, Astralis bets seem like the best option due to the attractive combination of risk/reward and the possibility of a higher payout.

Astralis Wants To Stop Stavn

If there were one person Astralis had to stop it was Stavn. He has shown incredible offensive ability in recent months.

In fact, his average kills has been 0. 80 kills and just 0. 63 deaths per round in the last three months of CS:GO action on the pro circuit.

Sjuush can also be a support player for Stavn. Sjuush averaged 0. 69 kills and 0. 63 deaths per round in this same analysis period. Astralis will focus on these two players early in rounds as they are the most offensive.

Heroic is in great form lately, with five victories in six of their most recent games. Their current winning streak includes wins against Ecstatic, Copenhagen Flames and Apeks. All of these games were played in straight maps.

Astralis Building a Solid Offensive Core There has been an offensive depth to this Astralis team since the time when Device and Dupreeh were dominant with their offensive power. With BlameF, Farlig and K0nfig now in place, the team has a good score.

BlameF is in good form these last months. He has also increased his kill rate by 0. 73 per round. A death rate of 0. 63 per round and an average damage per round of 83.1, he has kept his team alive deep into rounds, which helps protect the in-game economy as well.

Astralis now has the assistance of K0nfig who has increased his kill rate by 0. 70 per round. His death rate has risen to 0. 72 per round. However, the K/D of the player will improve with each season and as he gets more experience.

Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses Pick

Pick: Na Vi (moneyline)

Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses Predictions

The world’s No. Na Vi will take on EG, the world’s No. 48, in the ESL Pro League to conclude Thursday’s action. Both teams had different paths to get here. While EG is rapidly declining, Na Vi continues to perform well.

Na vi has performed admirably, but the Ukrainian events have forced them to make a change. Their players include three from Ukraine, while the two other Russians, Electronic and Perfecto are also from Ukraine. This creates a unique dynamic for the franchise.

Evil Geniuses simply haven’t played enough pro-CS:GO over the past few months. After a short break, they are now back for some major CSGO events. Their core team of players will carry them through the next phase.

Watch Out for S1mple

Currently, S1mple is undoubtedly the best CSGO player anywhere. These last months have seen him in a truly remarkable form. His excellence has helped the team reach No.

Let’s take a closer look at his statistics. He has an average of 0. 84 kills and 0. 61 deaths per round. These numbers are not unusual for one the best players in the world. He also has an average damage per round of 83.8, which shows how much he impacts rounds and therefore maps.

In terms of maps they lost their last match to G2, a 2-0 loss. However, they had won all four previous matches. They defeated Furia, ENCE and NiP in straight maps. The world’s top team has been awarded to them.

They have proven their map skills in Nuke by winning three out of the last four maps. In Mirage, they have a map win percentage of 57 in their last seven attempts. The team will look to replicate their success in this map against EG.

Evil Geniuses Aiming To Return To Top 10

This will take some time but this team certainly can improve and continue to do that. As the year begins, they need to be determined and get on with it. EG is a strong organization with the right people to succeed. The speed at which they do it depends.

Autimatic is one of the most effective offensive weapons. On average, he has 0. 78 kills and 0. 68 deaths per round in the last three months with an average damage per round of 86.2. Brehze, another important player in the team’s success has been hampered by his troubles. Brehze has only managed 0. 63 kills and 0. 70 deaths in the same analysis period.

The team still has a lot of work to do in terms of their recent form. The team has not been able to compete against high-level opponents. That run includes losses against BIG, Liquid, and Vitality (16-3 in Inferno). To be competitive, EG must quickly pick itself up.

How to Watch ESL Pro League 2022

ESL Pro League Information Teams Na Vi, Ago, Astralis, EG, Complexity, Heroic Location LAN event Time Thursday, March 31 at 7. 30 AM EST onwards How to watch HLTV, Twitch

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