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Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition vs Atleta Pick

Unicorns of Love SE (moneyline)

Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition vs Atleta Predictions

In the first of fixtures to kick off the EU Masters 2022, we’ve got a heavyweight Group D fixture that pits Unicorns of Love SE against Atleta. The Unicorns are the overwhelming favorite on paper. After losing by 3-1 to GamerLegion, they finished third in the Spring Split of German League. Their growth has been incredible over the last season.

You back them to defeat the young Atleta Esports from Italy, who will be competing in the EU Masters, which is the first time they have participated in this event in their history. One team is trying to make a point and the other trying to get by on what will be their most important stage yet.

The Rise And Rise Of UoL

In 2018, the franchise decided to move to Russia, thereby setting up a “sexy edition” in Germany where the team’s academy setup was based. From 2018-2021, they experienced a bit of a churn, failing to achieve any degree of success. It was a very difficult goal to make it to the EU Masters.

For years, the UOL group was known for being an aggressive and unfocused outfit. Their tendency was to grab every item on the map, without much thought. Somewhere in late 2021, they realised the need to change things around.

In 2022, the winds of change were here. Tobias “Dreamer Ace” Schreckender is the only link from the side of 2018 to the one that has ushered in a revolution of sorts. They are more organized and play a unique style. Over time, stability on the top side of the map is what has made them their trademark.

After being hot and cold throughout the majority of the regular split they finally found their feet towards the finish. If not for some mistakes towards the end, they could have finished second or first. Two deflating defeats were their final result.

Atleta’s Make Up

The outfit only entered the professional structure in 2021, but their structure has undergone a transformation already. Two renowned Ukrainians XoNix (from the LCL) and MightyDragon are currently part of their team. Last week, they finished the PG Nationals 2022 as toppers to earn the right to play at the EU Masters. The addition of Evan van Loon and Thomas “Phone”, as strategic coaches, speaks well of their commitment to getting the most out of this group. Although victory may not seem like a realistic possibility, a high-performing team with a strong team spirit is capable of creating some upsets.

Phantasma vs GamerLegion Pick

GamerLegion (moneyline)

Phantasma vs GamerLegion Predictions

Next up is a Group B fixture that pits the mercurial GamerLegion against the shaky Phantasma, who have the odds massively against them in this one, even though they are a massively improved outfit. In the spring split of the Greek League, they finished second in an eight-team pool with a 11-3 win record.

They were close to the top of the pool during the league phase. However, a combination between a mini slump and WLGaming Esports’ eight consecutive wins forced them to take second.

GamerLegion’s Quest For Consistency

GamerLegion have been around for four years, a time when the Prime League, the organisation that owns the games, were not yet in existence. GamerLegion was one of the many teams in play at the time. They have only built an impressive squad in the past two years. In 2020, they had three veterans and two promising rookies as part of their combination. Petter Hjarnan Freyschuss, Benjamin Vizdom Ruberg Larsen and Petter Hjarnan Freyschuss were both part of the roster. However, it was generally believed that they had outgrown their abilities. Hjarnan was one of the weakest links at G2 Esports’ world semi-final.

The unknowns – Jochem van Graafeiland (Rabble) and Ardian NitemSpahiu (AGO Rogue) – are making waves. This just shows how hard work and investment can yield great results.

GamerLegion made it through the spring split but still managed to beat BIG and Unicorns Of Love SE. They showed a lot of promise. GamerLegion must be careful about infighting, unpredictability and other traits that are endemic to their group. They can be quite formidable if they work together.

Phantasma Must Reduce Dependency On Star Players

Phantasma did not make it to last year’s EU Masters stage. The setback has been used as a platform to move on to bigger things.

A year later, they’re here. They will be hoping to take the momentum from their impressive come-from-behind win over WLGaming into the EU Masters. However, they will need to show that they can do more than simply extend the skills of Peppe, the mid-laner.

ESCA vs Fnatic TQ Pick

Fnatic TQ (moneyline)

Fnatic Hold The Aces

It’s ESCA’s grit v Fnatic TQ’s maverick ways that will dominate this Group C fixture. ESCA has proven over the years that they are one of Europe’s most promising teams. Their performance in the 7th season split is a clear indication of their ability to become the trendsetters in Poland League.

No Chance of an Upset

But performing in their league, which is, let’s face it, a little lower than the Leagues of Fence, is quite a refreshing experience. They are trying to close the gap in standard and this opportunity against big-name players will give them exposure.

If they win, you could get nearly 4X your investment if they do a huge upset. However, the chances of this happening are slim.

X7 vs Karmine Corp Pick

Karmine Corp (moneyline)

Storm Brews Beneath Surface Of Tense Battle

This is a blockbuster clash, and it’s likely the organisers couldn’t resist the temptation to pit these two tournament favourites at the first available opportunity. This is a remarkable rivalry that has existed for ages. They have never even played one another before.

This inter-European rivalry among the LEC veterans Fnatic & G2 is the most well-known of all. They are quickly moving into the same territory and this meeting will add another fascinating chapter.

While national pride is rare in esports it’s something EUM, a tournament where players from all over the globe come together, manages to create that feeling. Karmine Corp’s fans are well-known for being fierce protectors of their team. X7 is no exception. It’s as thrilling as you can get when it comes to the build up.

Why This is a Spicy Rivalry

You may be wondering how these two rivals, who have never met before, can have this kind of rivalry. It all starts with the composition of the team. Polish player Badlya, the jingler who plays in Ultraliga for Gentlemen’s Gaming, managed to create a modified version of Karmine Corp’s Mascot to match the colors and emblems of other European rival teams.

While the artwork used by KC was commissioned, Karmine Corp fans were furious at Badlyyga’s use of their team’s artwork.

They claimed that copyright was violated, and a host of subject-matter experts added to the controversy. NX, with their logo and colors posted an amended version on Twitter.

All members of X7 posted similar messages on their social media pages. The social media war turned into an all-out war. The official NCL account where X7 participated in the league, posted similar comments. It is likely that there will be some tension between the sides when they take to the fields. Although tempers can flare occasionally and sparks might fly, it could prove to be an intense battle.

How to Watch EUM 2022 Spring Split

European Masters 2022 Spring Split Information Teams X7 vs Karmine Corp, Phantasma vs GamerLegion, UoL vs Atleta Location Online event Time Friday, April 15 at 11. 15 AM EST onwards How to watch Official Twitch channel

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