John Laghezza Shares His MLB Futures Betting Tips & His Pick To Win It All


*) . . . . (*?) (*. (*. (*. It is the most beautiful time of year. We are now less than a week from Opening Day. The sun is shining, the rosters are shrinking and there’s a lot to celebrate.

As you prepare for the baseball season Jon Orlando and Bill Krackomberger discuss the NFL’s latest news, talk March Madness, and share their thoughts on the global slap.

With baseball season approaching, Jon Orlando is joined by Bill Krackomberger. John Laghezza brings a full toolkit for discussing America’s favorite pastime. He is the creator of MLB Moving Averages betting algorithms, a MLB Writer at The Athletic, Corked Stats founder, and contributor to the Mayo Media Network. John offers great insights to assist you in your preparations for the MLB season.

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NFL Roster Movement

The NFL has recently made changes to its postseason overtime rules. Both teams now have possession during overtime thanks to the new rule. Vote 29-3 was in favor of the new rule. This will benefit teams who aren’t as fortunate with coin-flip results. 10-2 were the teams that won overtime coin-flips in postseason. I wish that they would change it throughout the entire season. Krackomberger stated that he doesn’t like the “coin-toss winners”.

To explain the rule, Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, stated on that

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve, but the main driver of the decision was ultimately the database and looking at what has happened. We saw 12 postseason games that were in overtime and seven of them won on their first possession as the most influential. Seeing that is the kind of thing I believe our coaches looked at. This postseason issue should be addressed.

There has been plenty of movement in the NFL. Krackomberger said, “It’s more than (Tom Brady) coming back.” Krack spoke about players who stick with one team their entire careers. Bill said, “It doesn’t happen anymore.”

Bill was joined by John Laghezza, who according to all accounts is a great baseball expert. John Laghezza, creator of the MLB Moving Averages bet algorithm and regular contributor to The Athletic, dives into the strategy for next season.

John believes that it all starts with dedication to his craft.

If you wish to be successful at trading, you must also succeed in betting. Charting stocks is my nighttime job. When the price is right for me, I am in the market. I do not try to force the timing of markets.

Bill was interested so he inquired about John’s favorite bet involving the Milwaukee Brewers. John answered excitedly and stated, “The Brewers are right off the bat the most value-oriented team.” Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. It’s strange that people are willing to bet on hitting, when only 3 out of 10 hitters succeed. The guys get John’s thoughts on the impact of recent MLB rule changes on gambling and bettors. It will probably save some injuries. “That’s what is most important,” Laghezza said when speaking of the additional base runner rule.

John created his own rule with the changes to the rule. Laghezza stated that he has eliminated all nine-inning unders in his betting strategies. You can watch the entire interview for more information from Laghezza, one of baseball’s most brilliant minds.

The Slap Heard Around The World

I honestly don’t know a Bible, but I would have known that the Oscars were being held if it weren’t for Bill.” said Bill. Jon said, “It was so bad.” .”

The only people who could do it were Will Smith and The Rock. It was terrible Bill said that it was “so bad Jon had an answer. He said: “Hey man. I didn’t do that. Will Smith and The Rock are the only two people who could get away with it.” Jon then shared a story of his father talking to Adam Sandler on the telephone.

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