Keith Lyle, Comedian Shares Celebrity Tipping Stories In Vegas


*) , , , . We have a new episode of Wise Kracks! Keith Lyle joins the show this week. Keith Lyle, a comedian and actor, has worked for many years in the casinos industry. Keith will bring the laughter and stories you need to make your day brighter!

Jon Orlando and Bill Krackomberger also discuss what’s happening in the NBA. This year’s playoffs were quite unique as blowout after blowout has occurred. The half-way point is reached!

Bill and Jon try to find a way to fix the UFC’s controversial decisions. Are we looking for new faces? Or is there something simpler? These guys think so!

The Wise Kracks Podcast on Sports Betting welcomes you to the latest edition.

Keith Lyle Discovers the Bad Celebrity Tippers

Keith Lyle works in the industry. Which industry is it? All of them. His experience includes being a Las Vegas dealer, actor and comedian. As a dealer, he was seen in The Hangover as well as The Gambler. He also performs at Jokesters. Keith Lyle brought the stories and the laughter! )

Ever wonder what celebrities do to tip? Let’s take a look at one of Hollywood’s most well-known celebrities.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t tip well! Keith said that J.Lo was once in the salon. She sat alone in the salon, away from everyone… didn’t tip anyone This is an amazing story you must hear. Keith doesn’t just have stories about J.Lo.

Basketball Breakouts

The playoffs should feature tight, close games. Most games in the NHL are decided by a goal or two, with no net. The NBA is a different story.

The NBA’s last ten games were decided with an average score 17.6.

This includes eight conference finals matches and two game 7s in the second round. These are the finals where the four best teams in the NBA play against each other.

Jon and Bill have observed this trend, and they discuss how it affects total projections as well as player prop betting. The first half has seen players score at an impressive volume, before being allowed to take a break for the second. This is not the best outcome for NBA betting!

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