Kentucky Lawmaker Calls Sports Betting At Churchill Downs “Inevitable”


KY State Rep. Adam Koenig Sees Sports Betting at Churchill Downs as “Inevitable” Most of Kentucky’s State Neighbors Already Have Legal Sports Betting Opponents to a Legal Kentucky Sports Betting Market Fear Problem Gambling

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KY State Rep. Adam Koenig Sees Sports Betting at Churchill Downs as “Inevitable”

Anyone who watched the 80-1 longshot racehorse named Rich Strike run away with the Kentucky Derby last week understands exactly how exciting it can be at the Churchill Downs racetrack but imagine that same venue once a legal sports betting market launches in the state.

According to KY State Rep. Adam Koenig, a longtime advocate for a legal Bluegrass State sports gambling market that would give Churchill Downs bettors more to gamble on than just thoroughbreds, failing to launch this year is just a minor setback, saying:

All we did was postpone the inevitable. It’s happening. It’s all known. It’s all around us.

Koenig is referring to the state Senate’s refusal to vote during the prior session on a sports betting bill that the House had already passed, another stall that postpones the launch of a market that many industry insiders also see as part of Kentucky’s inescapable future.

Especially given that most of Kentucky’s state neighbors have already gone that way.

Most of Kentucky’s State Nearbys Have Already Established Legal Sports Betting

What pro-sports gambling Kentucky legislators like Koenig know is that most state residents already place sports-related bets. They just have to access outside resources, such as unregulated off-shore sportsbooks that keep the money.

Many KY residents want to place legal bets. This is because the Kentucky neighboring states, West Virginia and Tennessee have launched legal sportsbooks.

The inevitability that a legal betting market will be launched in Kentucky stems from the amount of money it would bring home, much in the same manner as in more than thirty states across the U.S.

Supporters of Kentucky sports betting legislation have estimated that legal sports gambling could generate $25 million in annual revenue or more, whereas those who are against such a market fear it would simply fuel existing addictions and therefore shouldn’t be considered at all.

Opponents to a Legal Kentucky Sports Betting Market Fear Problem Gambling

Those who are against legalizing sports betting in Kentucky fear it would fuel an increase in what some call ‘problem gambling’ or gambling addiction, with moral leaders like David Walls of the Family Foundation splitting zero hairs on the issue, saying:

This type of predatory gambling is designed to prey on human weakness with the government colluding.

A valid argument that can be countered by examples in other states where such issues are directly addressed and funded by a percentage of any sports betting revenue, a solution that accepts as a reality the existence of sports gamblers whether the market is legalized or not. The good news is that Rep. Koenig will be running for reelection. He says he plans to continue pushing for legalized sports betting in Kentucky. Keep checking back for more information on the story.

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