LCS 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds March 12


Golden Guardians vs 100 Thieves Pick

Pick: 100 Thieves (moneyline)

Golden Guardians vs 100 Thieves Predictions

It is a tightly packed 10-team pool, with no team, barring Cloud9 and Team Liquid, in a position to breathe easy. 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians are among those who will need to pull their socks up pretty quickly as we head into the second half of the 2022 Spring Split.

Golden Guardians currently sit in fifth place in a race of three with six wins and five losses. As the season progressed, things have become more difficult for them and their gradual slide down the table. Two consecutive losses have left them now. A rebound will provide them with a needed lift.

100 Thieves are clear of the log jam in the middle, and have a win more. FlyQuest is currently in fourth place with a record of 6-5. They are trying to get into the top three. The team is coming off their win in the previous game, and they will be looking to improve on that.

Golden Guardians clearly have the edge in this game. The bookmakers have not been pleased with their mid-season slump. But don’t be fooled. They are evenly matched. If Golden Guardians get a bit of luck going their way, there’s no reason why they can’t beat 100 Thieves.

A Tale Of Two Contrasts

The Golden Guardians are sensational when they have had it their way and normal when it doesn’t. The’sensational’ category includes their win last week over Immortals, in which one team fight was enough to make a comeback. Cloud9’s loss, which extended their winning streak to five consecutive games, is in the ordinary’ bracket.

Things started to veer towards Cloud9 almost instantly, after the Golden Guardians gave up Hecarim and Blaber as well as Gnar for Cloud9’s top laner Summit. They reached an impasse and lost control of the situation.

FlyQuest vs Counter Logic Gaming Pick

Pick: FlyQuest (moneyline)

FlyQuest vs Counter Logic Gaming Predictions

It is a contest between two teams at two ends of the form spectrum. FlyQuest is third with seven wins, and four losses. They have momentum and two of their wins came in the previous games.

CLG has lost almost thrice of the games it’s won. With a record of 3-8, they are currently ranked ninth. They are currently ninth with a 3-8 record. It couldn’t be easier for them to draw a difficult game. So, it is not easy getting into a perfect match.

CLG hasn’t been in a position to maintain any consistent performance. They have not been able to overcome their defeats with much confidence. FlyQuest is the best bet for this one.

FlyQuest – Surprise Story Of The Season

On paper, Dignitas and 100 Thieves are more pedigreed. They’ve overcome all of these obstacles to create a perfect season. In which they have beaten stronger teams, they are now in the top three.

There have been many of their players that have stood out this season. However, Josedeodo was the one who helped them win a few games.

Johnson is their top bot player, scoring 3. 33 kills, 2. 67 deaths and 4. 67 assists, along with a KDA of 3.5 and creep score of 338.67. Their season’s hallmark has been their ability to work together.

CLG in Development Mode

CLG were not expected to change perceptions and dominate the spring split. It was clear from the beginning that they are a transition team, trying to build talent. This is something they’ve not been able to do in the past.

This development roster was managed by former members of the Golden Guardians think-tank. “We came here in order to grow, but also to fight and play eventually in the short term,” stated general manager Jonathan McDaniel.

The growth has been good in that young players have benefited from the opportunities. Even though they have not always won, their fights have been exemplary. They managed to finish 2-2 in Lock-In Tournament’s group stage, but lost in the best of three to a Cloud9 pick-up team.

It was an admirable outcome considering where they are in their development. The time has come to build on the past and not let short-term success get in the way of long-term progress.

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses Pick

Pick: Team Liquid (moneyline)

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses Predictions

Team Liquid are joint-toppers with Cloud9. Their current record is 9-2. They have won four consecutive games. They have work ahead of them, as they’ve been in an unsustainable mid-table slump with six wins and five losses. They are currently in joint-fifth place with Dignitas, Golden Guardians.

Liquid are the clear favourites to win this clash. They have better form, more results, and more plays. However, LCS’s past has seen some unexpected results. If Evil Geniuses upset Liquid’s apple tree, they can bring a fresh chapter to their season.

Team Liquid Building solid bench strength

Team Liquid were able achieve this position even though they could not play all of their roster during the first quarter due to rules that prohibit more than one import per team. CoreJJ was available to Team Liquid, but Hans Sama and Bwipo were also signed prior to the season.

CoreJJ had residency problems, so they used a substitute. Despite having to instead play with Eyla as their support for the 2022 LCS Lock In, Team Liquid managed to win the tournament.

CoreJJ is one the most decorated and revered players of the LCS. His addition has created the kind of balance that teams strive for. They have all the decks cleared so they can play with their best lineup. They have managed to turn the inability of some key players into a positive force by forming a team of players that can handle key moments.

Evil Geniuses Need To Translate Potential To Performance

Ahead of the Lock-In, Evil Geniuses were dubbed to be a tough team.The signings of Inspired and Vulcan, and their pairing with their own young line-up, had the potential to create a world-class line-up. This thought was completely justified when they won 9-0. There were no fears that they would struggle, even after losing 0-3 in Lock-In to Liquid.

When they won 5-4 in round one, it became clear that this team is solid and has excellent credentials. Even though they are not in danger of losing the playoffs, two consecutive losses have threatened their hard work.

But they cannot always rely on their potential. They will need to translate their potential into performances soon.

TSM vs Dignitas Pick

Pick: Dignitas (moneyline)

Team SoloMid vs Dignitas Predictions

That TSM have had a terrible season is an understatement. TSM’s 2-9 record during the spring split is not a good sign. However, Golden Guardians beat them emphatically and showed signs that they had rewritten the template.

Against Dignitas (a team currently fifth), it’s not going to be an easy task. They have seen everything go wrong. This is a great opportunity to prepare for the summer split and then use the rest of the games to test and refine a combination that will work later in the year. This game isn’t very exciting due to the large gulf that exists between them.

This gulf might have narrowed slightly over the last week. There’s still a lot at stake. But, don’t spend your money on Dignitas. TSM may not be the right choice for you. There are a million reasons. These guys have been whipping the boys for most of the season. This is a huge mismatch. TSM has the chance to show otherwise.

Dignitas Riddled With Inconsistency

When on song, Dignitas can challenge the top sides, but they haven’t been on song at all lately. Their 5-6 record is somewhat misleading because of the inconsistency. The team is in the running for the playoffs, but they don’t play like contenders.

It is hard to know how they’ll do. River and other key players, who were their first game catalyst, are struggling. Other players have been equally inconsistent. It has been difficult to determine whether offensive proficiency is lacking or not. Their side has always seemed to be a hopeless one, only for the worst.

Immortals vs Cloud9 Pick

Pick: Cloud9 (moneyline)

Immortals vs Cloud9 Predictions

Finally to wrap up your Sunday fixtures, we’ve got the toppers, Cloud9, looking to open up a slender lead. The eighth-placed Immortals will take on them. They are currently at 4-7 and have suffered three consecutive losses.

This should not be a contest on paper. However, games rarely win on paper. Although they haven’t had their worst seasons yet, Immortals are far from being at their best.

But they have shown glimpses at their dominant best and will want to continue doing so more often. They would give Cloud9, who now have six consecutive wins, a run for their money if they could do it. Don’t let the odds of Immortals – a team that can pull off major upsets – fool you.

On their day they might make you rich, but let’s be realistic. They may be able to do so in the future. These chances are unlikely at this time.

How to Watch LCS 2022 Spring Split

LCS 2022 Spring Split Information Teams Liquid, 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Golden Guardians, Dignitas, Immortals, TSM, EG, CLG, Fly Quest Location Events conducted in North America (LCS) Time Saturday, March 12 at 4. 30 PM EST onwards How to watch LCS official Twitch channel

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