LCS 2022 Summer Outright Winner Predictions, Picks, Odds


. . . . . . LCS 2022 Split Overview

The 2022 League Champion Series (LCS), is the fifth season of North America’s League of Legends under partnership and the tenth overall. There will be ten teams competing in the double round-robin format.

Once again, it will involve the same 10 teams that competed during the spring split. Let’s take a look at what the team composition has changed, and their strengths.

Evil Geneiuses

Winners of the Spring Split Evil Geniuses just came off the Mid-Season Invitational 2022, in Korea. It ended May 29.. While they don’t have the time or resources to recover before the North American summer split, Evil Geniuses are still very satisfied with how the year has gone. They tied with G2 Esports for third in the MSI rankings.

They were placed in Group C with three teams and played two more games than any of the other groups, eight versus six. They had a clear advantage and it was an enjoyable tournament overall. ORDER lost 4-0 to Evil Geniuses, while G2 won four of the four games. G2 went on to win their group four times. They finished in the top half due to the 50% L-R ratio.

But nothing compares to Evil Geniuses historic dream spring split which they won for only the second time in their history. They were the underdogs who rose from nowhere and left TeamLiquid and Cloud 9 in their wake. Their group games were mediocre, which made them fourth in the rankings. They had nine wins and one loss each. With a combined 2-0 win against Dignitas and FlyQuest, they had no trouble beating the lower-ranked teams. At the same time, they were also blown away by Cloud9 and 100thieves, and of course Team Liquid who topped the rankings.

They had an epic comeback in the fall playoffs, beating each title-touted team they lost to and then blowing them out of the water one by one. After destroying Cloud9 in Round 2, they defeated FlyQuest 3-1 in the loser’s bracket. They then took revenge on TeamLiquid’s group leaders, and their league favorites, by whitewashing them with 3-0, before advancing to the final. They defeated the defending champs 100 Thieves and were crowned the winners. This secured them a spot in the middle-season.

EG has been a sensational zeroes to heroes story of the 2022 Spring Split. They started out as middle-level group stagers but now they are the tournament favorites.

The Evil Genuises roster is unchanged last year. They added Jungler Kacper “Inspired” Sloma, and Joseph ”jojopyun’ Joon Pyun to the team. The Evil Geniuses will have a stronger force in league play with their more experienced players “Jojopyun”, and Kyle “Danny”, Sakamaki.

Team Liquid Team Liquid were among the best teams in the league and one of their strongest players during the spring split. With a 14-4 winning-loss ratio and a win percentage of 78., they sat well at the top of the group stage rankings. They were beaten twice by no team – 100 Thieves and FlyQuest won single victories over them.

After demonstrating their unquestionable dominance during the group stage they’ll be looking smart after suffering humiliation at the hands the Evil Geniuses in the playoffs. TeamLiquid beat them by 2-0 in their group stage. Nobody could have foreseen how they would lose to the Underdogs in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, Team Liquid got too nervous in the knockout and their form started to decline after they left their breezy league stage. Although they were able to place in the winning bracket, they lost 3-2 to Evil Geniuses. It was closer than they wanted considering the way they beat them in round robin. They lost to 100 Thieves by 2 to 1. However, they made it to round 3. This was due to their favorable standing in the winners bracket. They were confronted with an impossible task: getting past Evil Geniuses. Although EG was defeated twice by Team Liquid during the split, the team returned to the top in style and wiped them out of the tournament 3-0. Four-time champions Team Liquid were forced to withdraw from the tournament that they had dominated since the beginning.

Looking ahead

Team Liquid isn’t making any roster changes like most other teams. One of their most important changes was the return of mid-laner Soren Bjergsen Bjerg to competitive play last November after his year as TSM’s head coach. Despite Bjergsen’s fading glory, the team has continued to support him in preparation for the summer split.

100 Thieves

100 The Thieves enjoyed a great spring split but, like the rest of the top LCS teams, will be disappointed by how it ends. All would have expected another 100 Thieves final at the beginning of spring. But the Evil Geniuses dropped an incredible blow on the league’s bullies, and it will be remembered for many years. 100 The spring split was won by Thieves. They also performed well throughout the 2022 season. 100 Thieves finished third on the split rankings, with an impressive 12-6 win-loss ratio. Although they were defeated by League Aggressors Team Liquid twice, no other team was able to defeat them. They even beat future winners EG 2-0. However, that was not a sign of what’s to come.

Not much has changed in

A strong performance in the playoffs saw Thieves reach their second consecutive final. They had an easy road to the final because of their position in the winners bracket. They defeated Cloud9 by 3-0 in round one. Then they beat Team Liquid 3-2. EG, on the other hand, were struggling to get out of their losers bracket following a stage in their middling league.

Thieves were the clear favorites to win the second consecutive spring championship over EG. EG had never won an LCS title. We all know what happened. Thieves were left behind, just like other top teams in that split. Thieves were dealt a 3-0 defeat by EG as their hopes of winning the mid-seasonal inviteal went naught.

Thieves roster is unchanged ahead of the summer split. As their bot laners struggled to find form, their mid laner Kim “Ssumday”, Chan-ho (###) has been a major talking point for the squad in 2022,. It will be fascinating to see how the other members of the team rally around him.

Cloud9 Cloud9 played an outstanding tournament. However, they’d prefer to have ended it on a positive note. They won the Split as often as they do, and finished second in the rankings with 13 five wins and five losses. They defeated EG twice during the season, before they were eliminated from the playoffs.

They will regret their poor form at the crucial stage. This is despite how they got there. Cloud9’s summer will be filled with revenge. This is similar to the three other teams that were eliminated by the league’s bottom-three.

Disappointing playoffs last time

But even after dominating the regular league games, Cloud9’s performance in the playoffs was nothing short of a disappointment. Cloud9 started off high with confidence, and they had an advantage in the winners bracket. They suffered a setback in the first round of playoffs. This was when they lost to the defending champs 100 Thieves. These guys weren’t giving up on their goal of winning their second title.

They were defeated 3-0 and Cloud9 was forced to fall to the losers bracket. They were confronted by the Golden Guardians who proved to be a difficult challenge since they had not won against Cloud9 in that particular season. They might have believed they were in with a chance against EG after they brushed them aside 3-0. In all three of their games, they were whitewashed.

The basics

After some experimentation in the first half 22, Cloud9, their order has been restored to its original. After a long and successful tenure in mid-lane, their top player Ibrahim “Fudge”, who was able to pull off a great stint has been relegated back to his position by Cloud9 after Nicolaj “Jensen”, Jensen’s Spring Split. HTML9 has a different squad than the ones they played last year. Fudge and Jesper “Zven”, who swap roles back in top lane, are also making their return to the team.

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