LCS August 13: Cloud9 Will Be Looking For A Vital Win


Team Liquid vs Dignitas Pick


Team Liquid vs Dignitas Prediction

The LCS summer now heads into its eighth and final week of the split. Team Liquid’s first match should go smoothly, with Dignitas as their opposition. It’s easy to see a walkover between the two teams on Saturday. After two consecutive wins,

TL have been on fire. They’ve had an average split and are now fourth in the standings. They’re fourth on the standings with 10 wins and 5 losses so far, due to their victories last week that saw them overtake Cloud9. FlyQuest was beaten by

TL last Saturday. But that wasn’t enough to compare with their win against Evil Geniuses the day after. Although everyone knew that the match would be a fierce one, few people could have predicted the decisive victory. TL went berserk and the top-ranked team went down in 24 minutes, and all hell broke loose as they could manage only six kills in the end.

EG could not collect any towers, dragons, or barons as TL played up to their strengths. This is a frightening reminder of how much they can do. Bwipo and Bjergsen dealt a hefty damage count of 16k and 15k respectively, and amassed 11 kills between them. It’s clear Dignitas are not in danger after their win over the best team at the split.

To say that the Dignitas had an unfulfilling summer is an understatement. The Dignitas have lost only three of their split games and now they are at the bottom. They have only managed to win against TSM and Immortals this season, which are keeping them company in the lower points.

Prior to this week, Dignitas had been on a six-loss streak that was depressing. They finally ended it last Sunday when they beat Immortals. Dignitas must improve their skills if they want to be successful at this level. However, it will not happen overnight.

Evil Geniuses v Golden Guardians Picks

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses v Golden Guardians Predictions

Saturday’s second game sees defending champions Evil Geniuses taking on the downtrodden Golden Guardians. They can expect to secure some points and the odds favor EG.

EG lost out on the top spot last week to 100 Thieves last week after an unexpected loss to Team Liquid. Since the beginning of the split, they have remained at the top of the standings. This is a great defense of their spring fairytale championship. Over the last three weeks, however, they’ve succumbed to a couple of defeats at the hands of 100 Thieves and TL.

Both of these were crushing losses for EG, particularly considering that they will be facing the same teams at the summer playoffs. The highest kill rates among all the teams this season were 4. 92 and 4. 46 respectively. After pulling off some of the most attacking, offensive plays this season, as evidenced by the 15.4 kill rate per game, seeing them buckle under and fold against TL came a shock to many.

Not that it diminishes the incredible season that they have had. EG made history when they won the LCS spring split last spring. Despite the odds being against them, it is clear that they have the drive to win. EG is more likely to regain their rightful place at the top, considering that their matches against Dignitas (and Cloud9) are their last two.

Golden Guardians are currently eighth in the rankings with just four wins across seven weeks. They have not been able win since week 4. Things have gotten worse since then. GG has suffered six consecutive losses. Although they might still qualify for the playoffs in the eighth place, this is a shaming of a dying horse.

They will know that they have little chance of moving beyond the losing bracket. GG have suffered the worst death toll in the split so far, the figure standing at a miserable 14.0 deaths per game. They were unable to get answers and stumbled through the split blindfolded, which was seen by better teams more as a quick points-grab than actual competition. EG has already knocked GG out the park this season. You can expect a similar result.

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Picks

Team Liquid

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Predictions

This should be a highly intriguing matchup between two sides that are considered the best of the rest. Both teams are currently in playoffs place at 5th and 6th places. They have distanced themselves slightly from others that could be a threat to their position. However, it does not diminish the excitement.

Team Liquid has had a somewhat disappointing season by their high standards. They were the top side of the league last year, but they have not been able to match that level this season. They’re above FlyQuest, and beat them in league earlier so they will be the favourites going into the match.

They have the best KD Ratio at 1. 28 in the league and also the third most damage in the league but are still tied on points with Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming. They are the best team in the league, and perhaps have the most outstanding player. Bjergsen is the bot laner with a remarkable KDA of 7. 61 this year and with a little help from his teammates, they could win it all this season.

FlyQuest provide decent opposition but aren’t a fully convincing side, having averaged 10.7 kills per game and 9.8 deaths per game for the season. Johnsun (bot laner) has an average of 3. 78 kills per game this year to really be a force. These kills are not enough to defeat Team Liquid. This is the most difficult match on the list, but the odds are stacked in favor of Team Liquid winning.

100 Thieves vs FlyQuest Picks

100 Thieves

100 Thieves vs FlyQuest Predictions

100 Thieves versus FlyQuest is the third of Saturday’s one-sided contests. 100 Thieves have knocked Evil Geniuses from their stronghold on the top of the rankings after a surge of victories, and don’t intend to budge. Their fixture against FlyQuest will be seen as an opportunity to consolidate their position.

FlyQuest is firmly rooted at sixth on the rankings with 7 wins, 8 losses and they move into their last three games. They’ve had another disappointing split, with them performing at an inferior level to Immortals, Dignitas, and Team Liquid. A lucky break against 100 Thieves in week four was the highlight of their season, but since then their situation has only deteriorated.

In the past fortnight, they have been taken to task by Cloud 9, Evil Geniuses and Counter Logic Gaming. They would have been devastated if they had suffered four defeats against split’s top players. It is almost impossible to recover from these losses. They still have hope of making the playoffs, and they’ll no doubt complete the round-robin before qualifying, but this is going to be an extremely difficult road ahead.

100 Thieves’ loss to FlyQuest in the fourth week of the split was utterly uncharacteristic, and it served as a harsh wake-up call. They seem to have taken their lessons from the FlyQuest loss very seriously and they’ve gone on an unstoppable rampage since then. 100 Thieves are soaring high on a seven-match streak, and no one, not even Evil Geniuses, have been able to hold a candle to them as they surged from strength to strength, unbeaten in the second half of the split. 100 Thieves have lost just three of their 15 games so far, and are tied for first place with EG, slotting ahead on the basis of their seven-match riot.

Their kill to death rate is impressive at 1. 81, the highest among any team. They have grown confidence and their game has improved with every passing day. 100 Thieves’ bot laner FBI averages 4. 08 kills per game, the third best in the split so far, and has been backed up admirably by Ssumday and Abbedagge.

Counter Logic Gaming vs TSM Picks

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming vs TSM Predictions

Counter Logic Gaming will face TSM in the fourth of Saturday’s fixtures, another game with the odds stacked heavily on the side of one side – you guessed it, CLG. If they want to keep their ranking intact and stop Team Liquid from getting ahead, this victory is crucial. Beating TSM will give them the edge over TL heading into the final week, especially since 100 thieves are one of their remaining opponents.

CLG are tied for third place on the split rankings along with TL, each of whom have secured 10 wins each. The team has won five consecutive games and they will be looking to finish the season strong. CLG’s most recent game was a bloodbath against Fly Quest, which stretched for over 50 minutes.

That match involved 43 kills in total, and both teams ran neck and neck up to the end. CLG, led by Palafox, Luger and with a higher tower and dragon count, did more damage than the other teams. This split has shown that they can compete with the best teams and won’t be beaten by TSM.

TSM have only won five games and currently sit seventh in the standings. Although they will probably qualify for the losers bracket, it is still unknown how far they will progress in the playoffs. In the last three weeks they’ve taken severe beatings at the hands of 100 thieves, team liquid and evil geniuses.

Although they are coming off a win against Dignitas it doesn’t mean much and won’t give them confidence going into their contest against CLG. Bot laner Tony ‘instinct’ Ng has been one of the sole bright sparks of an underwhelming season, with a kill rate per game hovering at 2.83. He’s been without much support and Solo and S0ul haven’t yet found their feet. The team’s kill rates have dropped to 9.1, which is the third-lowest in the league.

Cloud 9 vs Immortals Picks


Cloud 9 vs Immortals Predictions

The last game on Saturday will see Cloud 9 fare against Immortals, another uneven contest where the odds are skewed in favour of the former. Cloud 9 has won some impressive victories, but FlyQuest is neck-and-neck with them, so they need to win to remain on top of the standings.

Cloud9 is aware of the fact that Immortals have a tough task ahead. With 8 wins and 7 defeats, they are currently fifth in the rankings. They have lost consecutively since their match-winning streak of four matches in weeks 5 and 6. During which time they were able to defeat Team Liquid.

CLG took them to the cleaners, as did 100 Thieves the next day. The defeat to 100 Thieves was sobering. Though Fudge tried his best, Cloud 9 finally went down having managed only 8 kills to 23. Jensen and Berserker have been their standout players this season with Jensen holding an impressive kill rate of 3.6.

Although they were defeated by Immortals in the last meeting, it is unlikely that Cloud 9 will allow this to happen again. The Immortals are in a terrible split having lost just four of their first six games. They can only hope for some relief as they have previously defeated Cloud 9 in this match. Their form has been shaky since that match four weeks ago.

Across the last fortnight they’ve endured drubbings at the hands of Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves, and then by Dignitas too to rub salt into their wounds. To make up for the weekend’s poor performance, they won against Golden Guardians, which was a good win, though it wasn’t much. GG, however, are also in their boat. Immortals currently have a paltry 7.9 kill rate, which is the worst in all of the league. Their results are a result of their lack of an offensive strategy.

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