LEC August 6: Evil Geniuses Have Only Lost Two Matches All Season


Golden Guardians vs 100 Thieves Pick

100 Thieves

Golden Guardians vs 100 Thieves Prediction

Golden Guardians will be desperate to make it to the playoffs spots but that’s looking really unlikely at the moment as their next opponents are last season’s runners-up and second placed 100 Thieves.

100 Thieves are the clear favorites heading into this match. The only loss they have suffered this season was against teams that were in or around them. The qualification for the playoffs has been confirmed. It’s mainly a matter of finishing the season high enough to ensure a draw. They don’t need to be relaxed going into this match, as they will benefit from any positive momentum when they reach the playoffs.

They have a higher KD ratio than the rest of the league, making them the most successful side. 71 than Evil Geniuses. Bot Laner (FBI) deserves a lot credit. His average death rate is just 1. 83 deaths per game this year and it shows in the 7.5 deaths per game that 100 Thieves have averaged this season, the best defensive record in the league by some distance.

It’s difficult to imagine how Golden Guardians who only manage 9.6 kills per match this season, will surpass that. The majority of players disappointed. Ablazeolive has had a mid-level player with 2.6 kills and 2 deaths per game. 97 deaths per game this season, as a case in point, which is simply not good enough at this level.

They’ve also been the most vulnerable side in the league, averaging 13.5 deaths per game. There is only going to be one winner in this match and they’re 100 Thieves. It’s as safe as the LCS can get.

Evil Geniuses vs TSM Picks

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses vs TSM Predictions

Next up are one of the other top sides in the league, last season’s winners and currently sitting on first place in the league, Evil Geniuses. TSM will be facing them, although they are improving slightly.

Evil Geniuses have only lost two matches all season, whereas TSM have lost nine from their 13. The match is a huge favorite for Evil Geniuses. You worry for TSM heading into this match as Evil Geniuses have averaged more kills per game than any other side in the league this season, 15.9 per game to be precise. With 4. 73 kills per game this year. TSM should not have any problems with their settled lineup. Evil Geniuses usually take a little under 35 minutes to end their games but this one shouldn’t take too long. In the past two seasons,

TSM have been unable to put pressure on their opponent. Their average kills per game is 8.9 and their turnover has been so high that it is difficult to pinpoint which players need to be improved. Spica (the Jungler) has been in more games this season than any other player and has had an average of 3 deaths per match this year. This shows how difficult it is for them to move forward together and in this match.

This match should be very close. The favorite, Evil Geniuses will win comfortably.

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Picks

Team Liquid

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Predictions

This should be a highly intriguing matchup between two sides that are considered the best of the rest. Both teams are currently in playoffs place at 5th and 6th places. They have distanced themselves slightly from others that could be a threat to their position. However, it does not diminish the excitement.

Team Liquid has had a somewhat disappointing season by their high standards. They were the top side of the league last year, but they have not been able to match that level this season. They’re above FlyQuest, and beat them in league earlier so they will be the favourites going into the match.

They have the best KD Ratio at 1. 28 in the league and also the third most damage in the league but are still tied on points with Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming. They are the best team in the league, and perhaps have the most outstanding player. Bjergsen is the bot laner with a remarkable KDA of 7. 61 this year and with a little help from his teammates, they could win it all this season.

FlyQuest provide decent opposition but aren’t a fully convincing side, having averaged 10.7 kills per game and 9.8 deaths per game for the season. Johnsun (bot laner) has an average of 3. 78 kills per game this year to really be a force. These kills are not enough to defeat Team Liquid.

This is the most difficult match on the list, but the odds are stacked in favor of Team Liquid winning.

Immortals vs Dignitas Picks


Immortals vs Dignitas Predictions

There isn’t a lot on stake in this match, which makes it quite hard to predict what the outcome is going to be. Each side has had an extremely difficult season. Dignitas has only one victory over Immortals. Their KD ratios aren’t much different from Dignitas 0. 69 only slightly better than Immortals 0.61.

Dignitas have the slightly better defense, allowing 11.5 deaths per game compared to Immortals’ 12.8 deaths per game. The pace of both sides is slow, making it difficult to watch the game. However, the expectation is that the match will be close because the teams are evenly matched.

Dignitas has really fallen from their last season where they won eight matches. They seem to have given up on the season after it appeared that they wouldn’t make the playoffs. It must have been extremely disappointing to them that they didn’t make it last year.

Immortals still have a lot to lose. The Immortals finished last last season in the league and a win here would ensure that they don’t finish the season on the bottom. Both sides have had a lot of sub-performers.

Immortals’ Power of Evil was with the team throughout the season. It averaged 2. 24 deaths and kills per game, 4. 64 assists per game and got a KDA of 3.07. Dignitas has had a good support team in Biofrost with 6. 67 assists per game this season but a support can’t lead the team.

Dignitas would have been favorites to win the match if they were at their best. However, recent games indicate that Dignitas just want to see this season end and look ahead. The Immortals are immune to all of these problems. This is an excellent opportunity for them to build confidence. Although they won’t make it to the playoffs, they can take advantage of the opportunity to win. We think that they will in this match. It is one of our most difficult predictions this week, and it should compensate for the poor quality of their show.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 Picks


Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 Predictions

This has got to be the most interest match as far as predictions are concerned this week. Counter Logic Gaming has done well to reach 3rd on the table. Cloud9 were a slow start, but they have improved in recent weeks. They should be considered favorites for this match because of their good record in league play.

Cloud9 don’t usually make a fast start with a first blood rate of 38.5% and a first tower rate of 46.2% but this strategy seems to working at the moment and there’s no real reason to abandon it. They will be aware that Counter Logic Gaming is one of the most vulnerable sides in the league defensively. They have averaged 13.2 deaths per game this season, which is why it’s a bit of a surprise that they are this high on the table. This is a contradiction to logic, but it’s evident that their strength lies in countering this.

Contractz has an average of 3. 54 deaths per game this year but it doesn’t seem to have affected their ranking on the league table. They won’t be able to sustain this pace for long, and it’s difficult for them to believe they will. However, they should feel satisfied that almost all of their games qualify for the playoffs.

For Cloud9, Fudge is the best laner. On average, he has 3. 31 kills per game, 1. 81 deaths per game, 5. 42 assists per game and 4. 82 KDA this year. These are strong stats, and they will be able match up with the top of the LCS players as long as there is a team of these caliber.

For this match we must choose Cloud9. Cloud9 has the stronger players and better credentials. They have the momentum they need to win this match. Although Counter Logic Gaming has done well, this match looks to be the kind of match that could end their streak.

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