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Team Oplon vs GameWard Pick


Team Oplon vs GameWard Predictions

GameWard The Early Pace Setters

These are still early days in the LFL Summer Split, but GameWard are doing the early running. After two dominant wins in the opening split, they look great for their third consecutive win when they face Team Oplon. Oplon have won two games in a row to finish at the bottom of the table.

This is an unfortunate match. Oplon must prove that there is spunk, and plenty of it. We won’t talk about an upset yet. It’s a huge step forward, even if Oplon takes on GameWard. You can place your wagers that GameWard will make it three consecutive games here on Wednesday.

How GameWard Have Gone So Far

In the game against Misfits, GameWard held on to a healthy 13k gold lead at the end of a contest that appeared a lot closer than the overall result suggests. They landed 13 kills to the three by Misfits; captured five towers more than their opponents. They had done considerable damage, even though they were at par with dragons and barons. Czekolad and Kamilus led the charge in high kill participation. They were responsible for seven kill assists each, while Innaxe landed four kills.

Karmine Corps fought them much closer, but GameWard won the game with an advantage of 9k gold at the final. They landed 18 kills, 13 more than Karmine. GameWard almost managed to capture Karmine’s towers. The game’s most notable takeaway was GameWard’s ability to keep Rekkles still and deny him big kills. He ended with underwhelming numbers: 0 kills, 0 deaths, 18 assists.

All things considered, Rekkles tried his best to succeed in a new role, which he did not do well with, but others had a better game than him, which eventually made the difference.

Oplon Needs Wins to Lift them Out of a Rut

GameWard. It has begun well, but there is still a lot to do. These jump starts will not be repeated. In the spring split, they started similarly, before enduring a mid-season slump that eventually sent them crashing to eighth, with a 7-11 record. Team Oplon fared even worse, finishing last with a 2-16 record.

The only way to go for them is up. They need to win a few games to avoid falling down the slippery slope too quickly after starting with two losses. They had reached the point of no returns in the spring split before they even made it to the halfway mark. From that point on, games against them became one-way traffic.

Mirage Elyandra vs LDLC OL

Mirage Elyandra vs LDLC OL OL Predictions

Mixed Bag Mirage Run Into LDLC machine

Mirage Elyandra lost their first match, but regained with some form after the two days earlier. They will now be looking to continue these gains when they face toppers LDLC OL who have two wins from two matches. Mirage are seeking a massive upturn in form and fortunes after finishing ninth in the spring split, where they managed an unacceptable 33% win record in 18 games.

LDLC OL are looking to maintain their top billing. They won 13 out of their 18 games in the regular split, staving off intense competition from Karmine Corp and BDS Academy. The signs look promising.

Mirage show improvements in both games

The positive thing for Mirage is their defeat to Vitality.Bee. They weren’t shocked. The team started off well and took a small lead in gold before Vitality stole a tower under their noses and then surged ahead. Cody Sun seemed unusually silent. It appeared that Vitality planned to silence him and eliminate all options.

Elyandra did not have a backup plan after the attack. Vitality ended with 19 kills to Mirage’s 5, and 10 towers to Mirage’s 2. They were able to stop Vitality’s destruction of them in some areas. They will need to improve their offensive skills, even though defense was the main focus.

In the second match, the emphasis was on moving forward and being aggressive. Their bot lane skills helped them win the game. Mirage ended with 63.9k gold to BDS’s 50.6k. They ended with 24 kills as compared to BDS’s 2. In this one-sided competition, you didn’t have to consider any other parameters. They clearly learned from the first game and are now looking forward.

Team GO vs Karmine Corp Pick

Karmine Corp

Team GO vs Karmine Corp Predictions

Clash of Two Aggressive Units

This is a clash of two enterprising outfits. This is a clash between two enterprising teams that are determined to raise the standard with each passing game. Although Team GO has won two of their first games, Karmine is 1-1. But don’t let this deter you from the potential they have. It will be an intense fight between these aggressive teams that are determined to fight fire with fire when they clash on Wednesday.

Taking a step back doesn’t fit into their plans. You can either go up or down. Although this strategy is not always successful, Karmine have a reputation for being more experienced when it comes down to experience.

Karmine Strive to Reach the Top

Karmine just came off a win at the EU Masters where they defeated LDLC OL 3-1. Karmine realized quickly that she needed to be herself, ie aggressive. After LDLC’s better start, they realized this. Karmine was 1-3 down after a poor engagement. A desperate engagement led to a clean ace in 27 minutes.

They then bounced back in game two to grab an early lead, and eventually took control of the match. They made it 1-1 after a fantastic team fight by Karmine’s Elder Dragon steal. This was the launching pad for dominance in the last game. The point is that Karmine are great and their best work comes when they act aggressively. It’s not worth fixing something that isn’t broken.

All in all, Karmine Corp had a rough ride. The spring split saw them finish third and they had to battle through the EU masters play-in stage. They had to draw on their reserves in order to defeat Vitality bee at the semi-finals. They ran into an undefeated team in the final. They are a team that has been tested to the limit.

Vitaltity Bee vs Misfits Premier Pick

Vitality Bee

Vitaltity Bee vs Misfits Premier Predictions

Vitality Bee are one of four teams that have surged to two straight wins. Misfits Premier is one of the four teams to have lost two consecutive games. It will be a match of opposing teams when the two sides clash Wednesday. A winning streak or losing streak can be ended.

Vitality Takes a Look at Their Roster

Team Vitality has signed two junglers. Jungler Kang Min-seung (Haru) Min-seung has been an active participant at the summer split. Zhou Yang-Bo Yang-Bo will take advantage of the opportunity to learn English and acquire his visa. The plan is for Bo to start in 2023, if not earlier.

The move was made because Vitality has benched Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, despite him being under contract. The coaching staff requested that Selfmade be benched. Their vision of how to play the rift’s mid-to-late game is clearly different. Vitality is still looking for the perfect formula.

The Big Misfits Make

Misfits Some changes are being made. Tobias “Dreamer Ace Schreckeneder will be their support. This move has had the unfortunate consequence that their old support Oskar Vander Bogdan was promoted to a coaching role ahead of the season.

Dreamer Ace enjoyed a good spring split after achieving quarterfinal status at the European Masters With Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition. This will be his second consecutive win.

Team BDS Academy vs Solary Pick

Team BDS Academy

Team BDS Academy vs Solary Predictions

Two Different Tales

Solary are looking to break a two-match losing streak, just like Team BDS Academy. BDS has the best odds due to their more skilled personnel. You would be wise to have taken note of Team BDS Academy’s resilience to the fall after their spring split.

Dead and buried at one stage and destined to finish in the second half, they went on a run of four straight wins to end the split third with a 67% win record. The exact opposite happened with Solary. Although they were in an excellent position to place in the top 5, they lost four consecutive games to drop to seventh.

Although this may seem tilted heavily towards BDS on paper, Solary is confident that they can turn things around during the summer. This is where it all needs to begin.

How to Watch LFL Summer Season 2022

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