LIV Golf Tour Makes U.S. Debut, Some States, Sportsbooks Taking Bets


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LIV Golf Tour Makes U.S. Debut at Pumpkin Ridge This Weekend, Bookmakers React

PGA fans and golf gamblers are well aware of the LIV Golf Tour but for all the rest, picture a pro golf tour with limitless funds that is turning moderate to decent golfers into multi-millionaires, the only catch is that it all comes from Saudi Arabian blood money, and you have to sell your soul.

That last part about selling your soul is not an exaggeration if you ask many PGA players and insiders whose distaste for the new league is obvious, but whether that’s based on integrity or the fact that they were not invited to join is the question those in favor of LIV are likely to ask.

This weekend, the LIV Golf Tour will make its U.S. debut by holding a tournament at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in Portland, Oregon, a location that just received major upgrades most likely financed by those Saudi interests, a ‘deal with the devil’ that more and more golfers are making.

One such gofer is Pat Perez, a 46-year-old tour pro who was given a lucrative deal to join LIV and seems able to separate his golf from the politics behind the money that funds LIV, telling the media recently:

I’m playing golf. This group has provided me an opportunity to play golf and have a different schedule, and that’s my only concern. So, yeah, I mean, I understand the topics you’re trying to bring up, and they’re horrible events, but I’m here to play golf. That’s my deal. I’ve got an opportunity to play golf, and that’s it.

As for placing bets on LIV action, it’s now possible but limited.

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Only Certain States Granted Approval for Sportsbooks to Take LIV Wagers

Oddsmakers and sportsbooks have been tentative when it comes to taking LIV action, their debut event in London last month attracting minimal betting at the U.S. sportsbooks that took those wagers, but this U.S. event at Pumpkin Ridge has stirred up some gambling excitement.

Only a few states will allow their sportsbooks to take bets on the LIV Pumpkin Ridge event that is happening this weekend – Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, whereas Tennessee said no to that possibility – while other states could still get in on the action.

In those states where LIV betting has been approved, the following sportsbooks have decided to take that action – BetRivers, Caesars Sportsbooks, DraftKings, PointsBet, and the SuperBook – and others will most likely follow depending on how the action unfolds over the weekend.

PGA Tour Ahead of LIV Tour in Incorporating Sports Betting

The Saudi dark cloud that engulfs the LIV Golf Tour stems from human rights violations and the kidnapping and murder of a reporter, and partnering with them has ruffled many PGA feathers, but in the meantime the PGA has done its best to embrace the idea of sports betting.

The PGA Tour has partnered with U.S. sportsbooks to bring the popular live betting option to its tournaments, a fun way to enjoy the slow-paced sport where viewers can make live bets in the moment on PGA golf action as it unfolds.

Whether the LIV Golf Tour will ever compete directly with the more established PGA Tour is unknown, but with that kind of money a lot of marketing is possible, so watch as this PGA vs LIV head-to-head match takes place and fans and bettors decide which type of golf they prefer.

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