LPL 2022, Summer Outright Value Picks, Predictions


*) , , (*?) . RNG Among Favorites Pandemic or not, this has been business as usual for teams who are looking to make off-season signings and trades. RNG has swapped their top player with Bilibili Gaming. Breathe is expected to be joining the second half of the season, while Bin, RNG’s top laner throughout the spring split, will join the team in the summer split. Bin and Breathe only spent one split each with their teams prior to the trade.

Bin joins a Bilibili group that spent the Spring Split at the top of the LPL standings. Bilibili, who finished in 8th place during the first half the regular season was knocked out by Top Esports in the Spring Split playoffs. They were the eventual runners up.

Ad carry Uzi joined Bilibili as a backup role after two long hiatuses. Uzi was last seen in the professional scene back in 2019.. RNG was his only affiliation throughout Uzi’s seven-year career. Back-to-back World Championship finals were held in 2013, 2014,. He also took home the MSI for 2018.. They hope this will be a valuable experience ahead of the summer split.

It was the covid threat which forced RNG to be a miss at MSI 2022 Busan in May. RNG was forced to compete remotely while the rest of the teams were playing artificial ping. RNG was not able to make this a concern as they defeated T1 3-2 in an exciting finale. Although they finished second at the spring split, we expect them to be a force for good this year.

RNG were the LPL representatives in three of the four MSI’s. All three have been won. It’s not like it will be easy. The team has struggled lately to win the split. It was FPX in 2018,. Edward Gaming was the winner last year. RNG has the advantage, but they will be under pressure.

JD Gaming

A team that made no adjustments for the summer split will look to improve on the third-place result in spring. They made it a surprise, but they kept faith with the team that exceeded expectations and have now declared their intent. They can now realistically expect to be in the playoffs for the second consecutive year, possibly even aiming for the top 2 and a chance to wow the worlds. Kanavi’s contribution is essential to their ability to continue their success from the spring split.

Victory 5 They weren’t the favourites to win the spring split so the outcome was surprising in many ways. Although they are well-placed to succeed, it will be a difficult task to duplicate the results. Their most productive player from the spring has returned to Korea, but covid restrictions in China mean he will not be available for their first games.

This is a huge blow. However, if they’re able to ride out the storm without losing ground in the first part, it will be a strong performance. Despite this, many of their players have exceeded all expectations since 2022.. They want to continue that trend.

LNG Esports

LNG finished fourth in spring. They suffered a lot of turmoil in the playoffs as they didn’t make the second-elimination bracket. The roster has mostly remained unchanged so they are treating this as an aberration.

LNG may want to reconsider playing with Lvmao, instead of Lwandy as the support player. LNG needs to review their bot lane strategy and clarify roles. Light’s brilliant form combined with lwandy’s possible return could help propel LNG into the top 3.

Players To Watch

Wang “Hope Jie” — JD Gaming

Hope was easily the top bot laner during the competition. Hope is an expert in picking the champion, and his exceptional spring performances, which average less than two deaths per round, along with a KDA of 6, make him an outstanding bot laner. 18) is the one player that teams want to highlight early. RNG attempted several strategies to disillusion hope in the opening game of their spring split playoffs.

But he finished the game with impressive 10 kills of 2 deaths, 4 assists and 3 kills. This consistency, strong macro play, and high kill participation make him the player that teams long for.

Chen Wei “GALA” Wei — Royal Never Lose

If Hope is the greatest, Gala isn’t far behind in terms of bot-lane proficiency. Gala is a great player to have on your team. He has a strong laning ability and can sometimes be aggressive. Both as an ADC and an all-in hyper carrier, he’s a strong player. However, he may sometimes need to be more cautious.

Gala’s dominant performance across both MSIs is an indication of his skill. The rest of RNG has complemented him brilliantly in this feat. Gala often gets the win and leads a team fight for RNG. He is the one they trust to do the hard work, and has delivered consistently so far.

Park “Viper” Do-hyeon. EDG

Viper is composed, calm and collected at all times. He doesn’t make unplanned moves or gamble on a breach of enemy territory, even if it is well protected. He is a hard player because his gameplay takes the risk out of the position.

He is a Griffin legend and one of the most skilled mechanical players. He is one of the most skilled players in his field. His timing, spatial awareness, and reaction times are among the finest. He is able to take out any risks, and use a little gap to get big wins.

EDG have begun their summer split with a win of 2-1 over FunPlus Phoenix. This rematch was held from the playoffs. Viper displayed strong mechanical skills and participated in the 100% game. Viper also did the most damage, and also collected the most gold.

Despite being eliminated in the 2022 Spring Playoffs early, Edward Gaming (defending champions) have maintained faith in their spring roster. Chen Yi “Ziv”, Peng Fang “Mni”, and Yang Ji-Song were promoted to the main roster as a sign of their happiness with the coaches.

The Controversy

The build up has not been without its share of controversies. LNG mid-layer Doinb has been fined 50,000 RMB for leaking the launch date of the 2022 LPL Summer Split, before the organizers made the announcement. He has been in trouble before. Last month he was fined 60,000 RMB by the LPL due to leaking information from 2019.

The revelations were allegedly made through his stream. This is something that he was also guilty of in the past. LPL as well as Chinese-owned teams generally adhere to strict protocols, so fines are not uncommon. Players have been subject to financial sanctions for everything from inappropriate conduct in ranked matches to making offensive statements.

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