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LNG vs Anyone’s Legend Picks


LNG vs Anyone’s Legend Predictions

As things stand, it is Anyone’s Legend who currently holds third place thanks to a 100% win rate after week 1. LNG, who also won their first series during week 1, sit in fifth place but with a win rate of 67% because their series involved three games as opposed to Anyone’s Legend’s two.

LNG Finish in 5th Place. However, their win rate was 2020% because they had three games instead of two. That seems to be the norm for them over the last few years, with the LPL Regional Cup finals and the Demacia Cups in 2021 being the last time that they had a podium finish.

There is much to be done in this context, but they are confident that they can take on Anyone’s Legend. LNG’s bot-laner Light achieved a KDA score of 7. 77 – the highest in the league, with Weibo Gaming’s mid laner Angel second at 6.52. He will make the most of any of the weaknesses in Anyone’s Legend armor.

Anyone’s legend have started well but a new roster could haunt them

An excellent start to any tournament is Any’s legend. They’ve won both their games, a series against Rare Atom last week, and their 100% win rate coming into the second week keeps them high up in the battle for the summer playoffs. Both bot laner Betty and mid laner Forge have enjoyed a strong start to the season. They were easily in the top five most active players for week 1.

There is nothing that would suggest they won’t be able to maintain that pace this week, except for the fact that their roster has been changed only two weeks ago. Coach Water left – incidentally, to join Rare Atom – and so did bot laner ZWuJI, who had been around since AL’s Rogue Warriors days since 2018.

They had to bring in Harder, who was available as a replacement, just before the tournament started. They were able to perform well despite the situation. It will prove to be tougher than expected, however.

ThunderTalk vs Victory Five Pick

Victory Five

ThunderTalk vs Victory Five Predictions

ThunderTalk will be kicking off their summer season on Wednesday against Victory Five, and there are very few fixtures in the tournament that seem as lop-sided as this one. This was once a team that challenged all over the continent – back in 2019, when they were still called SinoDragon Gaming. They’ve since been Dominus Esports and now ThunderTalk Gaming, without having finished in the top 10 in any tournament barring a 5-15 slot at NEST 2021.

ThunderTalk Not fancied

They’ve had a host of big changes ahead of the tournament as well and now have two new top laners and one new jungler, all of whom have never played within this team before. We don’t think there is any chance that such an extreme move will work out at this level.

Victory Five’s Form

After excruciating periods between 2020 and early 2022 where Victory Five seemed to hover around the mid-table spots wherever they participated, they finally managed to break through a barrier at the spring playoffs earlier this year when they finished in 3rd place to walk away with Y=500,000.

Prior to the playoffs, Victory Five had finished first during the league stages, and we expect them to rack up a 100% win rate to start off their summer league stage on Wednesday as well. Their chances of being among the top 3 or 4 teams are high and they should have no problem completing the league stage.

They have not had significant roster changes. The roster has not seen any significant changes. Mid-lander Dream had been on the roster since January, before she was moved to the academy. Jungler XLB has been handed a contract till November 2024, while both laner Photic and support player ppgod have both been given extensions till November 2023. These are all positive signs and a sign that the team is in good health. They will likely continue to be that way if they are confronted by an unsettling Thundertalk.

Kwangdong Freecs vs Hanwha Life Esports Pick

Kwangdong Freecs

Kwangdong Freecs vs Hanwha Life Esports Predictions

Kwangdong Freecs, who made it to the semifinals of the Spring season playoffs after finishing the league stage in 5th place, will be taking on Hanwha Life Esports, who finished dead last on the league stage standings in the Spring season. Kwangdong Freecs are the favourites going into this match.

Kwangdong Freecs Are the Heavy Favorites

Kwangdong Freecs weren’t amazing in their league campaign last season, winning eight and losing 10 of their matches, but their playoff run wasn’t too bad. The semifinals saw them lose 3-0 to eventual winner T1. They won’t be disappointed if they lose to a tough opponent, but will want to make this season a success by playing well in all games.

The key to this will be Teddy, the laner. His average kills were 3.9. 58 deaths, 4. 38 assists and a KDA of 5. 24 this year. The team is not dependent on one player, and they will need to work together.

Hanwha Life Esport Just Needs to Be More Competitive

Hanwha Life Esport endured a disastrous campaign last time around and will want to, at the very least, get more wins than last time around before even thinking of getting a playoffs spot. They only managed three wins from their 18 games last season. They must start with the first game if they are to improve their fortunes.

There have been no changes in their roster, and every player will be needed to do their job. Sam D (bot laner) is the best player on their roster. His average kill count is 3.1. 92 deaths, 3. 74 assists and a KDA of 3.56.

To get anything out of the game, all players must perform at the same level or higher. This is unlikely. Kwangdong Freecs stand a good chance of starting their season off in the best way possible. They have the match in their control and should win it if they can do the basics right. You can bet on them.

Nongshim RedForce vs DRX Picks


Nongshim RedForce vs DRX Predictions

Nongshim RedForce, who finished in 8th place during the league stages of the Spring season, will be taking on DRX, who made it to the quarterfinals of the playoffs after finishing in fourth place during the Spring season. DRX is the favorite going into this match.

Nongshim Redforce Will Be Hoping to Make the Playoffs This Time Around

Nongshim RedForce were quite underwhelming last season with only five wins in their 18 matches and ultimately not qualifying for the playoffs. They are hoping to improve their performance in the next season.

The key to this improvement is their Jungler Dread. On average, he has killed 2. 33 kills, 2. 62 deaths, 4. 82 assists and 2. 73 KDA this year. Although these numbers aren’t impressive, there isn’t anyone on this team with better results. These stats show that this team is lacking in high-level talent and will have to step up their game for the next season.

DRX should just do the basics.

DRX was disappointed that they lost the first game of the playoffs against Kwangdong Freecs. They are hoping for a stronger run next time.

They were quite impressive in the league stages with 11 wins and 7 losses last season. They will believe they have more to do. SeTab, a mid-laner will show off his skills. SeTab has an average of 4 kills and 2 deaths this year, as well as 5 assists, with a KDA rating of 4.5. He is their most prolific player, and DRX should comfortably win the match if he sings.

There isn’t much evidence that Nongshim RedForce can cause an upset. We believe that DRX has enough to win the match. This match doesn’t require a bold punt.

How to Watch LPL-LCK 2022

LPL-LCK 2022 Information Teams Kwangdong Freecs vs Hanwha Life Esports, Nongshim RedForce vs DRX, LNG vs Anyone’s Legend, ThunderTalk vs Victory Five Location Conducted in South Korea and China Time Wednesday, June 15 at 2am EST onwards How to watch Official Twitch channel

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