Massachusetts Attorney General Declares Sports Betting Legalized.


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Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Shealey says she supports legalizing sports gambling

For any Massachusetts legislators still unsure about whether it is possible to pass a bill to allow residents to place bets on sporting events, you can listen to her shift in stance and support the launch of such a marketplace.

Healey, who is also now the frontrunner in the MA Democratic primary race for governor, just told a GBH News reporter on Boston Public Radio that figuring out a way to pass a sports betting bill through both houses of state congress “is the way now.”

As for lawmakers moving forward on this issue, Healey says:

I am confident that the Legislature will work something out.

When asked why she was initially against legalizing sports betting, Healey was honest with GBH, saying:

I was concerned about protecting consumers, so to speak. My office investigates problems in gaming establishments. It is also here because I am a member of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Kudos must be given to any politician willing to shift their stance once given more info, and now Healey seems to realize that legalizing sports betting can make addressing problem gambling easier, especially when the state decides to earmark some funds to help make that happen.

It’s also good to see that most state senators are in agreement with her.

Healey now agrees with the 60% Issue In an earlier article, we stated that the Boston Globe accused the state senators of blocking legal sports betting because they fear losing their money .”

. However, according to the State House News Service poll 60% now supports legal sports betting. It would appear it is a matter, and not if, when, but not whether or a piece of state legislature.

It makes sense, given the overwhelming support for this move from many of the top players in the state including the governor, major casino operators, as well as all of the MA State House of Representatives. They all see the logic of taking action on the issue.

The longer legislators wait, the more money for sports betting goes elsewhere.

Gov. Baker Calls MA Bettors Driving “Over the Border” to Place Bets “Unfortunate”

One major supporter of legalizing, regulating, and taxing a sports betting market in Massachusetts has been Governor Charlie Baker who understands that this activity is already happening, it’s just that the money is going elsewhere instead of benefitting those at home.

Baker told the press:

For people in Massachusetts – literally many do – to just drive over the border, to be able to participate in something that is another form of entertainment, I think is unfortunate.

It’s true – MA bettors can travel to New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island if they want to place money on their favorite sports games or players, three states of the thirty and counting that have already legalized that activity for anyone who lives (or travels) there.

With the support for legal sports betting in Massachusetts it is likely that it will soon be possible to place money on Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics.

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