MLB Player Props, September 3


Best MLB Player Prop Bets Today

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Best Batter Props Today

Batter Props Hits

Batter Prop Player Over/Under Game Hits Bobby Witt Jr. O 1.5 (+155), U 1.5 (-210) Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers Our Pick – Bobby Witt Jr. U 1.5 (-210)

I do not normally talk about Bobby Witt Jr., but I thought I would give him his time today. The 2019 2nd overall pick has played well in his rookie season, but he will not have two or more hits in this game.

Witt is one of Kansas City’s best hitters, but he is going up against Michael Pineda for the Tigers. Pineda has had a difficult season with a 5. 27 ERA, but he has performed well against Kansas City this year. A 3. 26 home ERA. In Pineda’s last two starts against the Royals, he has given up five earned runs in 10 1/3 innings.

I expect Witt to get one hit off Pineda, but that will be it for him. Place your bet on the under.

Batter Props Home Runs

Batter Prop Player Over/Under Game Home Runs Aaron Judge O 0.5 (+230), U 0.5 (-330) New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox Our Pick – Aaron Judge O 0.5 (+230)

This is most definitely my most controversial pick of the day. Aaron Judge will score a run in the game against the Red Sox. Judge leads the league in home runs with 51, but he has not hit one in two games. He is due for home run #52 in this one.

Judge is going up against Corey Kluber for the Red Sox. Kluber has been having a difficult season, giving up many home runs. He has given up 18 home runs in 25 games and gave up three home runs in his last start.

The writing is on the wall. The judge will place one on the wall.

Batter Props RBIs

Batter Prop Player Over/Under Game RBIs Paul Goldschmidt O 0.5 (+135), U 0.5 (-180) Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals Our Pick – Paul Goldschmidt U 0.5 (-200)

Paul Goldschmidt has been a delight to watch this season. This is the most offensive season in his career for “Goldy”. His. 330 average and has 105 RBIs. This game will feature one or more RBIs for Goldschmidt.

Drew Smyly is getting the start for the Cubs. Smyly is a rookie with a record of 5-7. He hasn’t received much run support. He has 3. 24 ERA and 1. 20 WHIP. Smyly should give Goldschmidt an RBI, I think. Smyly should be able to restrain Goldschmidt and allow him to get an RBI from the Cubs bullpen. Cubs’ bullpen has 4. 30 ERA.

Bet on Goldschmidt and bet on the over.

Best Pitcher Props Today

Pitcher Props Hits

Pitcher Prop Player Over/Under Game Hits Adam Wainwright O 5.5 (-140), U 5.5 (+105) Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals Our Pick – Adam Wainwright U 5.5 (+105)

We are now on to the pitcher props, and the first one involves the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. Adam Wainwright won’t allow more than 5 hits.

This is a little bit controversial of a pick. In his final start against Atlanta Braves, Wainwright gave up eight hits. Although he only allowed two runs in his last start against the Atlanta Braves, eight is quite a bit. This game will be different. Wainwright faces a Cubs team that averages just over four runs per game. Wilson Contreras, the Cubs’ catcher, will not be available. It is risky, but you should bet on the Under.

Pitcher Props Walks

Pitcher Prop Player Over/Under Game Wals Dylan Cease O 1.5 (-165), U 1.5 (+125) Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Sox Our Pick – Dylan Cease O 1.5 (-165)

Our final pick of the day, and it involves an unlikely pitcher. Chicago’s Dylan Cease is our final pick of the day. Cease is expected to throw 1.5 runs in this game.

Cease is pitching really well this season, but he has control issues. The 26-year-old righty has a 12-6 record in 26 starts. His 2.record in starts is 6. 27 ERA is the third-lowest in baseball, and his 1. 12 WHIP is quite low as well. With that being said, he has thrown 62 walks this season. He will also be facing the Twins, who walk over three times per game. It seems very logical. Place your bet on the Over

What Is a Prop Bet?

Prop betting can be a great way to earn money in your favorite sport. Prop betting allows you to place bets on the outcome of any event using props. Props can be wagers that aren’t directly tied to the outcome of a match or game.

Where to bet on MLB Props

There are several places where you can place bets on MLB prop bets. Draftkings is my favorite place to bet on MLB prop bets. FanDuel and Caesars Sportbook are also options.

Our MLB Prop Betting Tips

When it comes to betting on sports, you should not overthink. While you need to research the topic, it is important to listen to your intuition. If you’re not certain what to bet on, we can help. WSN can give you the latest information on MLB prop betting. We can help with all your betting decisions.

What is the most popular prop bet?

Everyone has their go-to prop betting tips, but it seems that the hits for batters props are more popular than those for pitchers props. These two options are easy to choose from without doing a lot of research.

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