Mohegan Tribe Pledges $2 Million To Fund Yale’s App For Problem Gamblers


Mohegan Tribe Will Partner with Yale University to Fund Problem Gambling App Partnership Could Help Problem Gamblers Find Treatment Legal Sports Betting in Connecticut has Generated Millions in Tax Revenue

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The Mohegan Tribe will partner with Yale University to fund Problem Gambling App

Here’s the best bonus in your state! The Mohegan Tribe will partner with Yale University to fund the project. This app is an attempt to combat the problem gambling addiction that has been a significant moral down side to America’s highly successful casino markets.

According to Dr. Brian Kiluk, an associate professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, this treatment tactic they are utilizing is “an evidence-based treatment for substance use as well as other behavioral addictions including gambling.”

At a recent media event at the Mohegan Community and Government Center on Crow Hill Road in Montville, Ray Pineault, president and chief executive officer of Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, was optimistic about how these efforts might succeed, saying:

This will revolutionize the treatment of problem gambling.

Addiction to gambling is an issue that requires constant effort to combat.

Partnership Could Help Problem Gamblers Find Treatment

Problem gambling is an issue that has been brought to attention as more states have begun to take advantage of their right to legalize, regulate, and tax their own sports betting markets along with providing broader access to casinos, racetracks, bingo halls, and betting kiosks statewide. As we reported, while most gamblers are responsible, some have difficulty controlling their gambling. This is why the Yale/Mohegan partnership has been so successful.

The app they are working to develop is meant to give those problem gamblers access to another version of treatment, an attempt to fill a gap that Yale’s Dr. Kiluk has noticed, saying:

I think one of the challenges in the field – not just gambling, but mental health in general – is that there just aren’t enough treatment providers available to meet the demand and the need of individuals.

Legal Sports Betting in Connecticut Has Generated Millions in Tax Revenue

Millions of monthly gaming revenue dollars are being generated by the state of Connecticut’s new sports betting and iGaming market, in fact in its first three weeks of operation in December 2021, it took in over $54.6 million in wagers, an initial surge that still has legs in 2022.

That was $1.7 million of tax revenue for the state. Problem gambling will continue to grow unless this issue is addressed and accessible treatment options are offered.

This is a quick and easy way for problem gamblers to start their journey to recovery. It all depends on this partnership between Yale University, Mohegan Tribe, which aims to assist those who are addicted to gambling.

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