Monday Night Football Parlay


*) , , (*? (*/*) Russell Wilson is returning to Seattle, where he played from 2012 to last season.

See the complete breakdown of Broncos and Seahawks.

The storylines make this game well worth the effort, although it does seem a bit lopsided on paper.

Parlay bets are a great way to place wagers on the game or the NFL in general.

In recent years, many sportsbooks have allowed bettors to place Same Game Parlays.

These are wagers that you can combine to win more.

Here, DraftKings has been used to create a 3-leg parlay with +625. odds.

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Broncos -6.5 (-110)

With a line of just -6.5 in this game, it definitely makes you ponder why this isn’t more. Maybe it is the Seahawks’ front seven, who can stop the run. It could be Wilson’s first time playing with the team and Wilson is already back home in Seattle.

This line is less than a touchdown.

The Broncos’ receivers are Jerry Jeudy and Courland Sutton. K.J. Hamler and tight end Albert Okwuegbunam all seem to be in solid matches.

The best matchup is Sutton against Seahawks fifth round Tariq Woolen. Jeudy will be able to see an improved Sidney Jones (a former second-round selection).

Hamler will be playing third-fiddle, though he resembles Tyler Lockett in Seattle. A matchup is drawn with Justin Coleman, who is in decline.

The Seahawks appear to be entering this game without Kenneth Walker III (recovering from hernia surgery). They still have Rashaad Peny though.

The receivers in Seattle are excellent with Lockett, D.K. Metcalf is a great receiver, but Geno Smith’s conservative approach to the ball means scoring points in Seattle could prove difficult.

In his three seasons last year for Wilson’s injury, Smith did not throw for more than 209 yardage. Although Smith was good in interceptions, there are a number of secondary options that can take him out. These include Justin Simmons, Ronald Darby and Patrick Surtain II.

Broncos win double-digits.

Courtland Sutton Anytime Touchdown (+135)

Standing 6’4″ and around 220-pounds, Sutton is the No. This offense has Sutton as the No. 1 receiver.

ESPN’s Jeff Legwold stated in mid-August, that Sutton would be the one to complete Wilson when he “really requires a completion” or was moved from his spot.

As mentioned previously, Sutton is primarily looking to match up with Woolen. The Seahawks are protected by Jamaal Adams and Quandre Diggs, but Diggs must also be concerned with the shots that go down the field between Wilson and Hamler and Jeudy.

Adams is not the same safety he was back in 2018-19. Although he’s been less successful in the past two years, he is still an outstanding run defender. Adams has the edge in coverage.

Wilson throws touchdowns in this match, with Sutton the obvious beneficiary.

Geno Smith Under 219.5 Passing Yards (-145)

This is the least valuable leg of the parlay, but it’s a good add-on at -145.

Smith doesn’t throw for many yards. In order to keep the pace of the game controlled, Smith is a good quarterback.

If Smith had to make more throws, it could be argued that this would have been a problem. Smith is not a “garbage-time” star, but he might be.

To find an instance in which Smith has thrown for more than 219.5 yard, go back to November 1, 2015, while he was playing with the New York Jets. In that game, he threw for 265 yards on 42 attempts. With the Seahawks, last season, his season-high attempts in a game was just 32.

He will hover about 200.

What is an NFL Parlay?

An NFL parlay refers to a betor who combines multiple contests on one slip.

In order for an NFL parlay parlay to succeed, each “leg” must win. The higher risk associated with this type of bet is reflected in the odds. They offer greater line value than betting on every event individually.

Where to place a bet for NFL parlays

Here are the top sportsbooks that offer NFL parlays. To get started, click on one of the links below.

What type of wagers are allowed in a parlay.

When it comes to NFL betting you can basically parlay all wagers. Multiple futures bets placed on the same slip are an exception. You can also combine moneylines, spreads or totals of different games with ease.

NFL Parlay Betting Tips

Parlays may offer attractive lines, but you must win all legs to get a payout.

You should evaluate each choice individually to determine if it is possible to combine them. A parlay is not something you want just to make big odds. However, it could pay enormous dividends in the long-term.

Other tips include line shopping.

Line shopping involves visiting every online betting site in your area to find the most favorable odds for the type of bets that you are interested in.

Same Game Parlays work the same way as standard parlays. You can only combine events from different games.

For example, you could bet on the Buffalo Bills’ moneyline as well as over 2.5 passing touchdowns for Josh Allen.

Combining these picks in a Same Game Parlay will be the best.

How to place a bet on NFL Parlays

After you choose where to make a parlay you will need to login to your existing account or create one. Once funds have been deposited into your account you will be able to access the game at the betting site, place selections and view the slip. You can also calculate the odds by calculating the odds.

Once you have found the right parlay you are able to place your bet.

If you are unsure about where you should bet you can refer to our reviews of sportsbooks and check our page for the latest promo codes.

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