NBA Play-In Tournament: Everything You Need To Know


The NBA Play-In Tournament is back for its second full event The NBA Play-In Tournament will occur from April 12-15 The NBA Playoffs will begin on April 16

Bet on NBA Play-In Tournament Here! The NBA Playoffs will not begin as soon as the NBA regular season ends. Beginning in 2020, the NBA implemented play-in games used to determine the final participants in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Rather than the top eight teams automatically qualifying for the NBA Playoffs, the 7th through 10th seeds compete for the final two spots in each conference.

There has been some criticism about the NBA Play-In Tournament. This includes stars such as LeBron James from the Los Angeles Lakers, Luka Doncic, and Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks’ owner. The last two Play In tournaments provided NBA fans some of the most thrilling games this year, despite their criticisms.

Let’s find out everything about the NBA Play-In Tournament, and how it works!

Which teams are participating in the NBA Play-In Tournament

These are the expected teams to participate in this year’s NBA Play-In Tournament. The regular season will end on April 10th and the participating teams are subject to change.

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Eastern Conference

#10 Brooklyn Nets vs. #9 Charlotte Hornets #8 Atlanta Hawks vs. #7 Cleveland Cavaliers

Western Conference

#10 San Antonio Spurs vs. #9 New Orleans Pelicans #8 LA Clippers vs. #7 Minnesota Timberwolves

When is the NBA Play-In Tournament?

The 2022 NBA Play-In Tournament will occur between April 12th and April 15th.

How does the Play-In Tournament work?


Mini Movie

Blazers vs Grizzlies #WholeNewGame

— NBA Spain (@NBAspain) August 16, 2020

The NBA Play-In Tournament showcases 6 total games and involves 8 teams, 4 from each of the NBA’s conferences.

The top 6 seeds in each conference qualify for guaranteed playoff positions, while the teams that finish 7th through 10th participate in the Play-In. Two chances to be in the NBA Playoffs will be given to the teams with the highest regular season winning percentages: the 7th and the 8th.

Let’s look at the game:

Game 1 The 7th seed will be hosting the 8th. The 7th seed will be awarded to the winner of Game 1. The losing team will compete in Game 3 Game 2 The 9th seed will host the 10th seed. The Game 2 winner will advance to Game 3. The winner of Game 2 will advance to Game 3. The 8th seed of their conference playoff bracket will go to the winner of Game 3.

Past NBA Play-In Tournament Results

Year Conference Teams Record Games Played Result 2021 East Boston Celtics 36-36 (. 500) Game 1 (def. WAS) 7th Seed in East Playoffs East Washington Wizards 34-38 (. 472) Game 1 (lost BOS) Game 3 (def. IND)

8th Seed in East Playoffs East Indiana Pacers 34-38 (. 472) Game 2 (def. CHO) Game 3 (lost WAS)

Eliminated East Charlotte Hornets 33-39 (. 458) Game 2 (lost IND) Eliminated West Los Angeles Lakers 42-30 (. 583) Game 1 (def. GSW) 7th Seed in West Playoffs West Memphis Grizzlies 38-34 (. 528) Game 2 (def. SAS) Game 3 (def. GSW)

8th Seed in West Playoffs West Golden State Warriors 39-33 (. 542) Game 1 (lost LAL) Game 2 (lost MEM)

Eliminated West San Antonio Spurs 33-39 (. 458) Game 2 (lost MEM) Eliminated 2020 West Portland Trail Blazers 35-39 (. 473) Game 1 (def. MEM) 8th Seed in West Playoffs West Memphis Grizzlies 34-39 (. 466) Game 1 (lost POR) Eliminated

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