NFL Draft & The Most Common Mistakes New Bettors Make


*) , , , . We are rapidly approaching NFL Draft Day and Bill & Jon are buzzing. They are excited to talk about the draft as well as their favourite bets. The guys are excited about more than that. Rob Pizzola is this week’s guest. He is the co-owner and host of Bet Stamp as well as the podcast “Circles Off”.

Following up on the theme of pizza finding, Rob shares a detailed review of Toronto’s pizzas with viewers. This turns into an episode with Jon and Bill. Before watching this episode, we recommend that you eat. Maybe a pizza? Rob has a lot of experience in sports betting and can offer insight few people have.

There are three things that are constant in life. Jon and Jon chat about Los Angeles Dodgers. Jon declared 118 wins last week for the Dodgers. We get an update this week from Jon and learn how he feels about the team’s performance.

This week’s Wise Kracks Sport Betting Podcast is here.

It’s time for the NFL Draft

If you are a fan of football, the following few days will be firmly in your mind. The NFL Draft is upon us! The NFL Draft will begin on Thursday April 28th and continue until Saturday April 30th. This is where the nation’s best prospects are waiting to be selected. This has an obvious impact on athletes’ lives, but it can also have a huge effect on bettors.

People are placing bets on the market using bad information.” Bill said, referring to the many mock drafts. “There’s only a couple guys, two or three guys, that I really respect doing these mock drafts.”

Bill enjoys the over/under on a player’s draft selection slot. Bill believes this is the best place to find out what is important and how research can make a real difference. Your top picks for the NFL Draft?

Unders = Profit

You’d expect that the number of runs this year would increase if the universal DH was added. As we settle into baseball season, it is clear that the universal DH has not brought in more runs. The actual number of runs in this baseball season is around 57%.. But don’t panic. It’s still early, as Bill and Jon stated on the program.

Many players have complained about physical baseballs and will need to adjust. Jon and Bill offer some baseball betting tips. They also include the San Francisco Giants’ win total.

Betting Tips & More with Rob Pizzola

Rob Pizzola can wear many hats. Pizzola is the co-owner and co-host on the Circles Off Podcast. He also loves pizza! Rob is a guest on the show, sharing his vast knowledge of betting sports.

Rob will take us back in time as he shares his story about the first bet he placed and how it got him into this industry. Rob shared some tips and tricks with us that will surely make it into the ‘Betting Guide For Dummies.’

Rob shares his top picks with advanced gamblers, so that you can jump in the action right away!

Best Betting Options Available Here

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