NFL Week 2 Recap & Betting Tips With Poker Pro Sam Soverel


Episode 113 of Wise Kracks is here and joining us this week is a young professional poker player who’s accumulated $19M in career earnings! Also, we discuss NFL Week 2 and the struggles of San Francisco ers quarterback Jon. We also look at where a former MMA champion’s career might take him next. We are here!

Your hosts Bill Krackomberger & Jon Orlando talk about a comeback-filled NFL Week 2 How did the bettors do in Week 2 compared to Week 1.

San Francisco 49ers’ QB Trey Lance has been injured and will miss the entire season. Will this affect their Super Bowl chances?

Jon placed an unusual bet after Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback was injured. What did it all turn out?

UFC Legend Jose Aldo announced his resignation from MMA competition. He could be considering stepping out of the cage and entering the ring.

The guys are joined by Sam Soverel, a pro poker player who has approximately $19M in recorded earnings! Sam Soverel joins the guys to discuss poker’s state, how big bets can be canceled and what to do when betting on UFC. This week’s Wise Kracks will discuss all of these topics and much more!

Comebacks In NFL Week 2 The NFL continues to amaze fans and upset bettors with its Week 2. There were many underdog wins. Bill notes that the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins game was one to watch, with the Dolphins making a big comeback in the 4th quarter to beat the Ravens 42-38. Jon adds his voice.

I was with some people who had bet Ravens… and they were very happy, until it happened that the wheels came off and Miami won!

The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets found the Browns fumbling the lead with the Jets winning 31-30. Bill disagreed with Browns’ strategy for the endgame. “They could have just run the clock out… They could’ve just scored ” Wise Kracks legend has it that Jon is an avid Cowboys fan. It may surprise you to learn that Jon placed a parlay against the Cowboys.

I did a parlay, and chose against the Cowboys the first time ever in my life! exclaimed Jon.

With Jon bet against them, Jon was so certain in his defeat that he advised everyone to place a wager against him.

Ultimately, the Cowboys defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 20-17, and it may be the only time a Cowboys win has upset Jon. Bill added salt to the injury: “Dallas won that game .”

During their match against the Seattle Seahawks’, 49ers quarterback Trey Lance suffered a fractured ankle. He will need to have season-ending surgery. Their Super Bowl odds increased from +2000 up to +1800.. Bill explained why Lance’s loss doesn’t impact their chances of winning the Super Bowl. “If another team loses their starting quarterback their odds go way up… Jimmy Garoppolo is a great backup.” The guys look forward to seeing how Garoppolo will be leading the 49ers.

Bill calls this week the most overreactive.

Any week can be anything… that’s why I do not like to take sides.

How A $200k Paralay Disappears

Joining Bill & Jon this week, Sam Soverel is a pro poker player with a passion for betting on UFC. As a pro poker player, Sam has approximately $19M in recorded earnings. Jon is struck by the remarkable track record of Sam. “Most guys with high earnings come from one tournament but there are multiple million-dollar games.” Sam says, “It’s consistency. The guys that do well .”

My interest has shifted to betting on sports, especially the UFC.” Sam says he enjoys betting on UFC. However, the line moves so fast that he got buried. Sam attempted to place a $200k bet, but it was rejected. “It was frustrating. I tried multiple times to make the bet, and after the lines moved, my bet wasn’t there. “Trust me. Sam has a trick to get around limitations !”

. Bill agrees that round robins are a great way to make more money without having the books know. Sam concurs, “I can go down more than $5k using a round-robin With such large bets Jon and Bill are interested in Sam’s bankroll management. Sam says that he does not have a limit because even Bill’s recommendation of using 1% to 3 percent of your bankroll for a wager, this is still a lot of money. Sam discusses how betting sports for as long as he has, has affected his betting,

Eventually you’ll get to a point where the limit is just what people will take, not your payroll.

Bill and Sam agree that you can play aggressively on a certain thing if your closing line value is higher. Sam, however, is unsure about one thing: “The frightening thing is not being able to know what your edge Jon poses the final question. Sam responds contently ,

I haven’t been playing much poker lately…I think I will stick mostly to betting UFC wherever I can.

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