North Carolina House Rejects Mobile Sports Betting Bill


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North Carolina Mobile Sports Betting Bill SB 688 Killed by State House, 50-51

It’s easy to forget that sports betting is already legal in North Carolina – the only catch is that all wagers must be placed in person at one of the two Cherokee casinos in the far western part of the state – but what’s difficult has been bringing a mobile option to those Tar Heel gamblers.

As we have recently reported, the bill that would allow for a legal online sports betting market in North Carolina – SB 688 – was approved by the state Senate last year and it was up to the House to pass it before the legislative session ends, but instead they killed it by a 50-51 vote.

What’s more, 19 House Members failed to vote on the issue. This shows how sensitive this mobile betting issue in a state home to many major professional teams, NCAA hoops and NASCAR throughout the year.

Now Old North State legislators have until the end the month to convince the opponents to mobile betting to change their positions or wait for the elections year to take up the issue in 2023, with a new bill that may address more of the main concerns.

However, the House passed SB 38, which the Senate is yet to decide on.

House Passes SB 38, Legislative Device for Amending Original Sports Betting Bill

. It’s an confusing assortment of bills that North Carolina legislators must examine, including the bill SB 38,, which acts as a vehicle to amend the bill SB 688,, that was just passed through the House.

The House passed SB 38,, but the Senate is yet to discuss the amendments to the original bill. This was a back-and forth ping pong game of legislation, which has so far failed to satisfy enough lawmakers from either side of the aisle to make it through the Senate.

House members oppose legalizing betting on college sports. They prefer to increase tax rates and license fees for sportsbooks operating in those countries. This is in an effort to protect amateur athletes while maximising profits. But these could prove to be a dealbreaker in the Senate.

Many opponents to mobile betting consider it a way for people to become addicted.

Opponents See Mobile Sports Betting as a Gateway to Addiction

There is no question that making mobile sports betting easier for North Carolinians through a mobile platform will increase their chances of encountering problem gambling. This reality has been faced in many states that have used “markers to protect” against problem gambling.

For more information, see our previous coverage. What sports betting companies should be doing to protect their customers. They collect data that points to gambling addiction and integrate that in their safety and compliance measures.

Some state legislators like Jay Adams believe that the introduction of mobile betting will make problem gambling even worse.

Time is short for North Carolinian legislators to get this passed. Keep checking back for the most recent news on this story.

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