Ohio Bars Now Applying To Host Kiosks With Limited Sports Betting


As Ohio Prepares for Sports Betting Launch, Bars are Now Applying to Host Kiosks

For Ohio sports gamblers, viewing games at local bars and taverns is about to get even more fun since, in addition to good food, drinks, and widescreen TVs there, they will also offer the ability to wager on games in 2023 thanks to the sports betting kiosks that will launch then.

Picture an ATM but wired for gambling, giving adult bettors easy and faster access to their favorite sportsbooks so that they can place in game wagers as well as gamble on upcoming events, making what used to take time and effort now quicker and easier to happen.

Buckeye bars and taverns and other establishments looking to add a betting kiosk to their operation can now submit their own applications to have those machines installed at their locations, a move that should bring another income stream into the owners’ financial mix.

It’s a month-long window that these small business owners wanting betting kiosks have to work with, the application window having started on July 15 and scheduled to close on August 16 giving them thirty-one days to fill out the paperwork to apply for this Type C license.

However, these betting kiosks will be somewhat limited in terms of what they can offer.

OH Sports Betting Kiosks will Offer Limited Variety of Bets, Set Weekly Wager Caps

The one minor drawback to using one of these Ohio betting kiosks is that they will be offering a limited number of bet types, meaning certain futures, parlays, and other wagers might not be possible there, plus there will be a limit as to how much any one player can gamble in a week.

The way a betting kiosk works is the player first creates a betting kitty account by feeding cash into the machine or by buying a voucher that can be scanned, and that starts a session during which the bettor can place multiple bets and at the end they get a ticket showing the wagers.

Wins and losses are added and subtracted to the player’s total, and at any point they can opt to tap the ‘Cash Out’ button, and the kiosk will calculate their winnings and eject the proper amount of cash the same way an ATM would during a withdrawal.

It’s a fun and easy way to make pro and college sports even more thrilling, and just a few dollars down on a matchup is enough to pull fans even further into the action, which means more eyes on the advertising which adds bottom line value to every game that is played and bet on.

Ohio Sports Betting Market Must Legally Launch by January 1, 2023

According to the wording of the sports betting law in Ohio, that market is legally required to launch no later than January 1, 2023, so like students before a huge final, Ohio lawmakers and regulators are taking full advantage of what time they have left to cram for the upcoming launch.

Ohio joins over thirty other states and D.C. that have also legalized, regulated, and launched their own sports betting market, a lucrative trend that seems to be catching on, especially as each market evolves, something these new Ohio betting kiosks should help to make happen.

Keep checking back for all the latest news and updates on this unfolding Ohio story.

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