Ohio Lawmaker Expects Sports Betting To Launch In The Fall


OH Sen. Kirk Schuring Told WHBC Radio Sports Betting Should Launch by Fall Ohio Opens Application Window June 15 for Type A, B, and C Sports Betting Licenses By Law, Ohio Has Until Jan. 1, 2023, to Launch its Legal Sports Betting Market

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Ohio Senator Kirk Schuring Said to WHBC Radio that Sports Betting should Launch in the Fall

Ohio gamblers remain stuck in the sports betting limbo. This is because there’s still time for the state to launch its legal sports betting market.

In an interview with Pam Cook of 1480 BC, Senator Schuring stated that he expected the Buckeye State’s long-awaited in-person and mobile betting markets to launch in fall. That is “if everything works out,” which it probably won’t.

The legal sports betting ball got rolling in Ohio late last year once the state Senate signed off on a related bill by an overwhelming 31-1 majority vote and then the House approved it by a vote of 72-12, which gave Governor Mike DeWine the chance to sign it into law on December 22. Since then, Ohio’s regulatory part of its sports betting market launch has been taking place behind closed doors. The Ohio Casino Control Commission, who are preparing to open license applications in June, is overseeing all details.

Ohio Opens Application Window June 15 for Type A, B, and C Sports Betting Licenses

There are over thirty states now with their over versions of a legal sports betting market in place now, and each operation looks a bit different, with some locations working with native tribes and others only allowing in-person action while many have added a mobile option to the game.

In Ohio, the new sports betting law allows for licensing three different delivery options for the market:

Type A Licenses for mobile sportsbooks Type B Licenses for in-person sportsbooks Type C Licenses for operators of sports betting kiosks The application window for all three types of licenses will be opened on June 15, and it will take more time after that for the OCCC to sort through the qualified applicants, though a cap of 25 Type-A licenses has been set by law with 21 currently showing interest. Sixty-days before the launch of the legal sports betting market, Ohio will require operators to provide a list that contains:

responsible gaming plans facility planning equipment testing geolocation procedures required procedures HTML18_

Ohio has until January 1 in order to launch their legal sports betting market

Ohio will have to submit a list of data. Otherwise, it could face legal penalties as outlined by the legislation. Industry insiders and lawmakers are likely to try to avoid these consequences.

The state will impose a 10% tax on all sports betting revenue, money that will a new income stream that should benefit Ohio residents, money that before was lost either to other states where that activity is already legal or through unregulated offshore sportsbooks. Ohio’s legal sports betting market will launch in the fall. This means that Ohio gambling enthusiasts could place wagers on both the NFL and NCAA March Madness events. Keep checking back to get the most recent news.

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