Oklahoma’s Sports Betting Bill Passes The Final Hurdle And Now Faces Full House Vote


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Oklahoma Appropriations and Budget Committee votes 28-3 for Passing HB A bill that would legalize Oklahoma sports betting has made further progress on its legislative path towards becoming law. The state’s Appropriations and Budget Committee passed 28-3 and gave it permission to be discussed and voted upon by the entire House floor.

Representative Ken Luttrell is certain that legalized, taxed, and regulated sports betting markets would be a benefit to Oklahomans at all three levels. As it has been in other states, legal sports betting markets could bring new revenue streams to Oklahoma. It would also create high-paying jobs and prevent Sooner State gamblers from leaving the state and having their money spent outside of Oklahoma.

The bill allows for in-person betting on sports, with no mobile options. However, it must be passed by the House before being considered.

The bill now faces full house debate and vote before going to the State Senate

With the final House committee approval, the HB 3008 moves to the full chamber. This will allow the Oklahoma House of Representatives to argue and then take a vote for the State Senate to pass it to the State Senate. Not a guarantee considering Oklahoma’s anti-gambling history.

Oklahoma lawmakers are confronted with a fact that all state leaders have had to deal with. Many of the residents enjoy betting on games, but many use illegal bookies or offshore sportsbooks to place bets.

Arkansas, Colorado and New Mexico have all joined more than 30 other states who have created legal sports betting markets. Oklahoma will be able to either continue fighting that fight or to join the ranks of those that are already making money.

However, some Oklahoma tribal casino operators aren’t happy with a portion of HB 3008.

Some Oklahoma Tribal Casino Operators Reject HB 3008

As eager as tribe casino operators are for sports betting, Matthew Morgan, chair of Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association told the media:

” Nearly all of the association are very interested in betting on sports. We do have some people that are interested in mobile betting. Rep. Luttrell’s bill doesn’t capture The ease of mobile betting often leads to an increase of handle. States that try to operate without the online option eventually realize how important it is for their gambling bottom lines.

Morgan also has a problem with HB 3008. He cites the 10% revenue share, which could be considered excessive. We have concerns about how the [the] fees would split given the small margin in sports betting. They would love to see the bill reworked so that they are more inclined to back it.

There are chances that more compromises may be made while this bill moves through the legislative chambers to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s desk. Keep checking back for updates and news on this story.

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