Phil Mickelson LIV Insights And WSOP Pro Jeff Madsen


*) , . . (*_) We have an exciting episode for today! There are tons of sporting news, including an announcement about Bill’s retirement. (Don’t worry, Jon and Bill will be staying!!)

Jon Orlando and Bill Krackomberger discuss Rob Gronkowski’s retirement announcement – as the close end said he was done playing football for the second consecutive time.

They also talk about what a match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson in boxing. They are said to be in negotiations for a fight, but is this really what people want?

Now that the LIV Tour has settled in, Bill and Jon look back at how it’s impacted the PGA Tour. The results include Phil Mickelson’s +11 showing. Uh-oh Lefty!

Jeff Madsen, a poker professional joins the 101st Episode. Madsen, a winner of four World Series of Poker bracelets and the 2006 World Series of Poker Player of the year (this is not the first appearance of WSOP pros in the program!).

Rob Gronkowski is retiring from the NFL… for a second time

This may be a surprise to some, but Rob Gronkowski decided to retire again.

The four-time All-Pro tight-end announced his retirement via Instagram. He said that he was going to continue “chilling out .”

“. Gronkowski also expressed gratitude for his time with the NFL, saying, “I would like to thank all the first-class Buccaneers team for their incredible ride and trust me to return to play and build a champion team. As I retire, I’ll be walking back to football with my head high, knowing that I have given it all I could, no matter how bad or good. My friendships and the relationships that I made are irreplaceable. I also appreciate my coaches and teammates .”

Gronkowski for their support . I retired as in the New England Patriots’ first nine season, but I decided to go back to 2020 to be with Tom Brady when he went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He makes a lot off the field. He has a great head. Bill said, “I think he has done.”

If he comes out of retirement, I believe Brady is the only one who can make it happen.” Jon.

Gronkowski finishes his career with 621 receivings for 9 ,286 yard and 92 touchdowns during the regular season.

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson It Will Happen.

Jake Paul, a boxer and a former champion, is no stranger in the world of boxing.

HTML2_But Tyson believes that Paul has done great things for boxing and that a fight between them could be possible. Tyson recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to answer questions about possible matches between Paul and himself. Tyson stated, “That could very interesting.” I never took this seriously, but it could still be very interesting. Yes, he’s competent enough. He’ll get it. Because he is winning, he must be skilled. He’s fighting fighters you do not believe to be good enough. They should still be able beat him, but they aren’t. He is beating people he shouldn’t be. It’s a good thing he does for someone who is only doing it, and for the sport of boxing So when is the big fight?

” Anything is possible. But it must happen this year. Jon said that it must happen this year .”

“I believe this may be the greatest fight of all-time.” But I doubt it .”

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