Pro-Prop 27 California Ad Pits “Wealthy” Casino Tribes Against “Smaller” Tribes


, , , , , , , Recent Proposition 27 a Response to Prior Attack Ad . Recently, there has been a lot of action on television commercials, which have seen a number of ad-attacks.

The two parties – the native tribes and the outside operators – are fighting for control of the multi-billion-dollar sports betting market. This seems like it will be the same for California as for the over 30 U.S. States and D.C. that each have their own betting markets.

We recently reported that the second attack ad, sponsored by a tribe and 30-sponsored by D.C. called out their opponents for misleading people with marketing campaigns.

The tribes claimed that the commercials make it appear that Proposition 27,, one of two key sports betting bills, will be in favor of tribes. However, outside sportsbooks pay for these spots, so Prop 27 backers just made their own ad. This attack ad, which was released this week, accuses the “wealthy” casino tribes of trying to oppress the smaller state tribes. It is clear that the ads are an attempt to pit these two tribes against one another, and it might be successful.

California Tribes Are Split on the Sports Betting Issue. The tribes that control the California casino gambling market will want to have the upper hand, although the small tribes could be excluded.

In a press release, James Siva, President of California Nations Indian Gaming Association, stated that Proposition 27 is split on what it means for the state’s Native Population. He said:

The out-of-state corporations funding Prop 27 deceitfully tried to convince voters their measure would help tribal members. Now the truth is out. The truth is out. The issue will go to California’s voters in November.

CA Voters will decide on Prop 26 or Prop 27 In November’s Ballot California voters will vote on two possible sports betting bills. Proposition 26 supported by a group of California tribal governments and Prop 27 supported by outside operators. The battle for the issue will continue until the end.

Each side will claim that it is better for CA residents and tribal nations, while informed voters can cast their ballots for which take they feel. These are two fundamentally different approaches to running this market, creating a new revenue stream.

Expect more misdirection and attack ads as voting draws near. This is an ongoing story we’ll keep you updated on.

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