Reacting To Kyrie Irving’s Antics And Jim Anderson’s Incredible Stories


Fair warning. Before you watch this episode, you might need to make sure the floor beneath you is clean. We not only have some jaw-dropping stories from Bill and Jon, but the special guest on Wise Kracks has a few stories of his own – including ones with Jon’s dad!

It’s a bit of a ‘Where’s Waldo’ situation as Bill finds himself in Florida. However, don’t ask him to try and find food past 11 pm because it’s apparently impossible! (West Floridians, this is your chance to stand up!)

Jon and Bill chat about a plethora of topics including the NBA playoffs, Kyrie Irving’s antics, approaching professional golfers, and Jon’s very own Los Angeles Dodgers.

This week on Wise Kracks, Bill and Jon are joined by legendary promoter Jim Anderson. Jim has been around some of the most influential and prestigious performers and has stories to tell. You can actually watch as Jon patiently waits to ask about one specific performer.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Wise Kracks Sports Betting Podcast.

Who Was Wrong? Kyrie Irving Or The Celtics Fan?

In case you missed it – Kyrie Irving was fined $50,000 for ‘obscene gestures’ and ‘directing profane language toward the spectator stands’. To translate this, Kyrie said some words not safe for younger ears and flashed his middle finger. “I kind of support this [Kyrie Irving]”, said Jon. Bill had other thoughts. “Listen, you’re making $40-50 million a year. I think you should be allowed to take some heckling. Don’t go after the fans in the crowd. I don’t like it,” Bill said. He did sympathize a bit and said, “They’re only human. They can only take so much.” What do you think? Who’s in the wrong? Was $50,000 enough of a punishment?

Without Booker – Should You Still Bet the Suns as NBA Champs?

Even though the New Orleans Pelicans have tied their series against the Phoenix Suns, people are still rushing to the books to bet on the Suns to win it all. Why? With Devin Booker likely to miss a couple of games, mixed in with a tied series, people are seeing value. However, Bill isn’t seeing it and said, “I wouldn’t bet them as a future. I can’t bet these futures. There’s not enough value. There’s too much juice in these future odds. I think that betting game-by-game and being selective, that’s probably the way to go at it.”

Story Time With Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson has done something throughout his career that most would be jealous of. He’s worked with generational talent. As a promoter, he’s had the chance to work with incredible performers such as the Grateful Dead, Frank Sinatra, LL Cool J, and Queen Latifa to name a few. He also has a personal connection to one Jon Orlando. You see – Jim had the pleasure of working with Jon’s dad, Tony. It was a special moment on the show when Jon asked Jim about working with his dad. Make sure you watch the interview to hear all of the stories Jim had to share.

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