The profession of a dealer

The profession of a dealer

In the world of financial markets, the dealer plays an important role as an intermediary in transactions. In the casino, the dealer has its own designation-the croupier. This word of French origin is much softer to express the essence of the occupation.

Today, it is not possible to say that the dealer and the croupier are synonymous words. The profession of a croupier in Europe often refers to 3 different specializations. In fact, the lead is the dealer, who leads the game, explains the rules, and communicates with the client.

The dealer’s figure is largely iconic in any game, whether it’s roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, or others. Often, the mood of the player and his disposition to play in a particular club depends on how good the host is in communication.

A great dealer was always worth his weight in gold. In Western countries, professionalism is achieved by working in many aspects, and the main factor is the ability to communicate correctly with clients. This point is not given much attention, because often players are dissatisfied with the service.

It is considered that the main duties of the dealer are the following qualities; correctly and correctly distribute cards (turn roulette or other), announce the results of the game in time, explain the rules if necessary, keep silent at the right time and maintain a neutral conversation with the players. Unfortunately, not all croupiers do it well and not always. It is no easier for casino employees to move away from emotions than for winners and losers.

In addition, the ideal dealer will never show their emotions and will not use their language to the detriment of their casino. Often it is the croupiers who are the ones who get the most from the clients. They are the first to get caught in the hot hand. They fly not only cards and chips, but also large coins, and heavy ashtrays, and even shock-resistant bottles. Detailed cases are known, although there were only a few in the casino’s history.

What about physical and mental stress?

Of course, the dealer should be careful when threats and insults fly in his direction because he does not have the opportunity to respond if he does not want to lose his job. It is important to be able to withstand physical and mental stress for a long time because most casino customers still appreciate a good dealer more than they themselves think.

What about the dealer’s qualities?

Some of the dealer’s qualities should actually be character traits. These include care, accuracy, punctuality, tact, patience, neatness, endurance, endurance, and other small things that you can immediately pay attention to and not pay attention to. The image of a good croupier is necessarily made up of details, and a cool dealer can earn many times more than other casino staff.

What about mathematical abilities?

If the dealer is strong enough as a professional, with remarkable mathematical abilities, then patience comes to the fore. Of course, the obligatory mention of the topics that should be discussed with clients. This includes conversations about religion and racial intolerance. This seems quite natural in the civilized world.