The Soccer Players Are Taking Legal Action Against Gambling Companies Over Data


*) . , , , , . Soccer players sent letters of action to Gambling Companies re personal data Use The privacy battle in Europe’s soccer community is gaining attention. Some corporations have been collecting the personal information from athletes, and they’re now fighting back.

These footballers are being monitored for their heart rate and breathing patterns by companies.

These athletes and their attorneys recently wrote letters to businesses warning them to stop using this data without compensating the athletes.

It all comes down to the General Data Protection Regulation, a EU regulation on privacy and data protection in the European Union and the European Economic Area. This ensures that the data is kept private and remains the property of the athletes. This is unless the companies will pay.

” Project Red Card” Wants to Recover $468 million in Unpaid Income For Athletes

These same protesters formed an official organization called “Project Red Card”, to fight these data processors, gambling websites, and game developers who are basically stealing personal data to make their money.

This is not a problem if the athletes get fair and proper compensation for their usage. Project Red Card set out to collect the money owed these athletes from 2016, when the companies started using the personal data without owners permission.

The group’s co-founder is Russell Slade. He is a former English soccer coach and claims he seeks compensation for illegal data use that occurred for more than a half decade. There is a lot at stake. Nearly half a million dollars are involved. This has certainly caught the eye of American athletes.

In the U.S.A, a similar battle over athlete data is taking place with intent to monetize

Since May 2018, when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld PASPA, each state was allowed to regulate and tax their own betting markets. However, the usage of so-called official league data’, which has not been checked, has been allowed.

Official league data refers to all statistics and results related to sporting events. This includes personal data which Project Red Card workers are worried about. Sportsbooks now charge money to access this data.

It’s an interesting can of worms for college and pro athletes whose performance is being traded on. This new U.S. legal sports betting market requires proper regulation and revenue distribution. Keep checking back to see the most recent news and updates about this story.

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