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*) , , , , – As we close Week 1, we wrap up the NFL Season with an intriguing matchup. Russell Wilson will be returning to Seattle to face the Seahawks.

Wilson, who has been playing for the Seahawks in the offseason with the Broncos, signed a five-year extension of his contract worth $245 millions.

The Broncos are -6.5 point favorites, and the over/under is around 44.5 or 45, depending on where you look.

Here, the over/under, point spread and moneyline are not being combined. Instead, we will look at props for each player, to gauge how they perform in this matchup.

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Geno Smith Under 206.5 Passing Yards (-115)

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With Wilson moving to Denver, Geno Smith, his backup, has taken over the Seahawks’ position.

Smith began three games in place of Wilson, who was recovering from a finger injury.

Smith was the best game manager of those three games. He threw four touchdowns and no interceptions. His high yardage of 209 yards came against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The other two starts saw Smith pass for less than 200 yards and took a total of 13 sacks.

Going up against the Broncos, who project themselves as a superior team from the top down, this game plan will rely on Rashaad Penny running back to manage the pace and time. Smith will, of course, mix in some passes but surpassing 30 attempts would be surprising.

If we take his average attempts per game in his starts last year–26–that would mean he’d need to average close to eight yards per attempt to get the over here.

HTML2_ How many times has he topped that number last year? With 8. 13 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Geno Smith Under 0.5 Interceptions (+120)

As you can see, we love the Smith props this week, and for a good reason.

To be fair, Smith would have to turn the ball more against a secondary that includes Kareem Jordan, Patrick Surtain III, Ronald Darby, Justin Simmons and Kareem.

But again, Smith and the Seahawks will work together to prevent any potential turnover problems. Let’s say Smith makes even one intercept. This is how the Broncos offense should work. That could mean that the Broncos lose immediately.

Russell Wilson Under 33.5 Pass Attempts (-105)

With so many pass-catching options to choose from, 33.5 pass attempts may not seem like a lot, but if we think this game will go the way we think we do–Broncos win 28-17–Wilson may not need to throw as much as you’d think.

Looking back at 2021 against the Seahawks, we can see that it is a completely different team. However, Wilson only reached this point in two games.

The Broncos boast a strong backfield, led by Javonte Wilkins and Melvin Gordon. They will be looking to bring them in. Jamal Adams is a solid Seahawks run defender, although his play has been less consistent since arriving in Seattle.

Nonetheless, the Broncos should have the lead most of the game, and Wilson likely flirts with 30 attempts.

What is a Prop Bet and How Does It Work?

A prop bet involves placing a wager on the outcome of a small-scale event within a larger one.

In this instance, the bigger event is the game, such as the New England Patriots vs. the Buffalo Bills.

Prop bets on each player, the team and game can all be placed within this event. If you are unsure about where to place your bets on the totals, spread or moneyline, This can work in your favor as it involves the same game, just in a different manner.

NFL Player prop Bets

Player Props These are the best type of prop betting. These are similar to fantasy football because they allow you to guess the last game statistics for every player.

For example, Bills running back Devin Singletary has a rushing yard prop bet line of 54.5.

Your goal is to determine if it will go over or below that number. There are also odds for every selection.

NFL team prop bets

Team props are used to gauge the performance of the entire team throughout the game.

Some examples of team props include the score at halftime and field goal or touchdown goals.

Why You Should Trust Us

After writing for more than ten years about fantasy football, I made it a full-time job. After covering fantasy football, I began to cover the NFL in general, as well as some betting content. After the May repeal of the Professional, Amateur Sports Protection Act, online betting was more popular in 2018.

Since then I have covered betting on NFL games and other sports.

With each pick you can be confident knowing these picks are ones I would make with my own cash.

How do we pick the best prop bets?

There are many ways you can examine prop betting. To see the spread of single-player props, you can look at the points.

For example, if a sportsbook has the Bulls as 13-point favorites, that could indicate the Bills will have a substantial lead at some point, leading to less passing from quarterback Josh Allen.

In this case it might make sense to refer back the Devin Singletary rushing prop.

However, every case will be different when it comes to the NFL roster.

Other general guidelines include cornerback vs wide receiver matchups and the offensive line against a defense line.

There are many nuances.

What are the best sportsbooks to place NFL Prop Bets at? If you are looking for sportsbooks that offer all kinds of prop betting, there are a few options. These include DraftKings and FanDuel.

Overall, DraftKings has the best selection, while Caesars and FanDuel have a lot more. If you are looking to find the next place to play, be sure and check out our top sportsbooks page. It also contains all of the latest promo codes.

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