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Gentlemans Gaming vs Zero Tenacity Pick

Zero Tenacity

Gentlemans Gaming vs Zero Tenacity Predictions

Gentlemans Gaming Start Well

Gentlemans Gaming were among the four teams who had to battle to not get relegated ahead of season 7. They managed to finish 7th in Ultraliga season 7, but that was despite their efforts. They are now joint third in the league after a solid start. A win over Komil and Friends kicked off the season and was followed by defeat to Illuminar Gaming.

While this is unlikely to be a significant start in the season so far, it will give them a boost going into the tournament that has seen them as perennial underperformers. GG was last in 7th position during season 4. This was also the last year they reached the playoffs.

They will likely be the underdogs this season, although their contracts expiring later in the year means that you can’t discount the fact there are some players who have something to prove. This could prove to be an advantage in a season that is chaotic with regard to the changing rosters of other teams.

Zero Tenseness Wobble at The Start

Zero Tessacity have had a better year than their rivals on Tuesday. Their most recent achievement was their fourth-place finish in the 7th season of this tournament. They missed qualifying for the European Masters after a tiebreaker defeat to Evil Geniuses sealed their fate at the Spring play ins.

It wouldn’t have helped that their season’s first match was against AGOROGUE who is strong favourite to retain the top spot. Zero Tenacity were run ragged by ROGUE’s bot laner, Lucker, who came away with KDA numbers of 8/3/4, being assisted strongly by support player promisq who returned sensational KDA figures of 2/2/10. In all, Zero Tenacity managed only 9 kills versus ROGUE’s 21, and it was as deflating a start to the season as one can have.

Contrary to their name, though, they did show tenacity in the face of defeat and bounced back strongly in week 1 with a win against Iron Wolves, where they got their kills up to 17 and only had 7 deaths. We expect them to beat GG in week 2.

devils.one vs AGO ROGUE Pick


devils.one vs AGO ROGUE Predictions

devils.one Looking To Turn A Corner

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for devils.one lately. In season 7, they finished last in the Ultraliga. They had only two wins and received zero points. They are currently tied for third with six other teams after week one. All of them have lost and won one.

They began the tournament by taking a beating from Team ESCA Gaming. In that match, they had 3 kills. Lothen was their only player to pick up less than two kills. On day 2, they followed up the disappointment by edging out a narrow win against Forsaken in a match that will be remembered for support player Robertoos’ stunning return of 15 assists while only copping a single death. Devils.one might be able to challenge him if he can reach those levels against ROGUE. It is not likely, however.

Show the Way

There is no doubt AGO ROGUE is one of the most successful teams in Europe right now. That much was clear in the European Masters where they bagged 13,500 euros after making it to the semi-finals.

Prior to this, however, the team won the Ultraliga 7 title by beating Team ESCA Gaming 3-0 in the finals. That win came immediately after they’d won the Trinity Force Puchar Polski in 2021 as well. They’ve been consistently winners of late with strong performances in playoffs in major tournaments, two of which have led to championship titles. We don’t think anyone will challenge them in the group stage of season 8 based on how they decimated Zero Tenacity (week 1) and Goskilla (week 2). At the moment, they sit on top with a 100% win record.

Iron Wolves vs Team ESCA Gaming Pick

Team ESCA Gaming

Iron Wolves vs Team ESCA Gaming Predictions

Iron Wolves Have Made A Poor Start To The New Season

Iron Wolves haven’t made a great start to their campaign, having already lost their first two games to Illuminar Gaming and Zero Tenacity. Recently, they’ve added a couple of important members to the team. The team had added a Krysia jungler, a Boly support and a Optimas sunbot laner. Czypsy and Souli have been lost.

It will take some time for the team’s to gel, but they’d prefer a better start. They now have to win against a tough opponent early in the season. After finishing 2nd in last season’s league standings, their two losses put them in the bottom half of the standings. Last season they won 13 of their 18 games, winning one and losing one against their upcoming opponents.

Yashiro is one of the key players. In 2022, he averages 4. 58 kills, 2. 86 deaths, 5. 47 assists and has collected 13.8k in gold. He’ll be needed to perform well in this match.

Team ESCA Gaming Wants To Be Better than Last Season

. They lost the Grand Finals to AGO Rogue 3-0. They finished in 3rd place in the league standings prior to the playoffs with 12 wins and six losses. The team has a completely new lineup with five starters. This is an exciting time for them.

They’ve had a good start to the campaign, with just one win and one loss. However they did manage to beat Komil & Friends. With a new roster, ESCA Gaming will continue to be one of the most exciting parts of this season. The Iron Wolves go into this match as favourites, but it’s worth putting money on Team ESCA Gaming. We’d recommend this. Iron Wolves are still struggling to get on their feet, and it will take them longer.

Komil and Friends vs Goskilla Pick

Komil and Friends

Komil and Friends vs Goskilla Predictions

Komil and Friends Have Constructed A New Roster

The cycle of a roster in the League of Legends circuit is often quite short and the Polish side have got an entirely new one for this season. They have only won against Team ECA Gaming and lost against Gentlemen’s Gaming. It’s difficult to predict how the new rosters will go for the remainder of the season without a bigger sample.

Komil, Friends and others did well last season. They qualified for the playoffs in fifth place. Zero Tenacity knocked them out in round one. The Friends won nine and lost nine league games last year and they will be looking to improve their standings in this league and secure a playoff spot.

Komil looks safe going into this game. Each side needs to get used to each other. Komil and Friends are the more optimistic and have won one game. Goskilla should be able to handle them.

Goskilla Are Making The Worst Start to The Season

Goskilla also have a new roster, but so far the changes aren’t paying off. Their two matches against AGO ROGUE have been lost to them. Although they can forgive themselves for failing to have enough fuel against AGO ROGUE who is the top side of the league, it would be a mistake not to hope against Forsaken.

In season 7, they didn’t make the playoffs after finishing in 8th place with six wins and 12 losses. They had hoped to finish higher in this season’s playoffs, so the roster change was made.

Illuminar vs Forsaken Pick


Illuminar vs Forsaken Predictions

This Is A New And Improved Illuminar

Illuminar were on one of the poorer teams in the league last season, finishing in 9th place with six wins and 12 losses on the board. The new team has made a complete turnaround this season, with their side winning the first two matches. The changes have clearly worked and with 16 games still left in the league, they only need five more wins to better their record from last season.

They’ll be eager to win it quickly and get on with the next opponent. They’ve faced off against Gentleman’s Gaming and Iron Wolves, who have a great reputation. This bodes very well for Illuminar, who are the only side other than last season’s Grand Finals winners, AGO ROGUE, with a 100% record in the league so far.

Forsaken should be wary of Illuminar

Forsaken. They had a good run last year, finishing 6th in qualifying for the playoffs. Team ESCA Gaming beat them 3-1 in round one. The team won 9 games, lost 9, and qualified for the playoffs. They have made some changes to their roster in order to be better this year.

So far, they’ve continued with the 50% win record from last year, getting the better of Goskilla but losing out to devils.one.

Forsaken are the more likely team to win this match despite having a better standing than last year. Because of their start to the season, it’s difficult to argue against Illuminar. This one is for Illuminar. This team has all of the energy that an up-and-coming team needs.

How to Watch Ultraliga Season 8 2022

Ultraliga Season 8 Information Teams Gentlemans Gaming vs Zero Tenacity, devils.one vs AGO ROGUE, Iron Wolves vs Team ESCA Gaming, Komil and Friends vs Goskilla, Illuminar vs Forsaken Location Offline/online event Time Tuesday, June 7 at 1pm CET onwards How to watch Official Twitch channel

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